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    partying (of course), spinning, music of virtually all kinds (I'm a classical singer as well), literature and history, politics, science...basically anything that engages and expands my brain. :0)
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  1. New York Pigeons are getting smarter...

    *laughs* Shit man, the squirrels and gulls are the *last* things you need to worry about at cross county. I'd be more worried about the animals that shop there, yano?
  2. Just moved here...info needed

    Unfortunately, Chicago's under 21 club scene is pathetic, capital P. There are a few clubs in the suburbs, but most of them play cheeze. Best bets: Keep your eyes out for people on tour heading into places like house of blues, the aragon, the metro...stuff like that. Or get a fake. A good one. Most of the stuff that happens on this board is promotion and stuff. Check out w w w. i n s i d e - c h i c a g o. c o m ... it's where the cool kids hang out. Welcome to chicago!
  3. AgE iS JuSt A NuMbER?

  4. Things U Will Never Try In Bed??

    Well...assuming an (at least seemingly) normal partner (ie - mentally and physically with it enough to be consensual, adult, etc), there's not a lot I wouldn't at least try once. But.... Just say no to bodily waste. No rape fantasy type s&m stuff (the real thing sort of spoiled that) No animals (but I've gotta give props to Catherine the Great ) No maple syrup (come on! It's sticky!) Other than that...can't think of a whole lot I wouldn't do. :grin:
  5. I've got my tickets in a bomb-proof box in the cellar - no way in HELL I'm missing this show!!! :grin:
  6. Cox March 2nd....

    Just out on the docks there? Or in the mall?
  7. Holy Crap, what is going around?!?

    I don't know, but I'm VERY FUCKING IRRITATED that I've come down with it. Losing your voice when you're a music major is NOT COOL.
  8. Cox March 2nd....

    So, where exactly is it? Is it just outside on the pier or something? Or is there an available building down there that doesn't smell like fish? (I love that I've already bought my ticket and I have no idea where I'm going....)
  9. Which drugs have u tried?

    and whippits! I forgot nitrous!! :grin:
  10. Seriously!! Where do you go?
  11. First Time in NY - Best Clubs?????

    Definitely don't miss Cox and Hawtin!!!!! Check out Vinyl as well (my personal fav). It's ugly as hell, but you can't beat the music.
  12. I have classes *and* work today!!! Damn liberal arts schools with their damn disregard for patriotic holidays.....
  13. Name Please

    Lindsay = of the linden tree isle (oh those crazy scots...what will they think of next)
  14. Fuck you with.......(insert object here)

    *laughs* Right then. Just checking.
  15. Fuck you with.......(insert object here)

    Fuck you with a sharpened egg beater!! (pssst....who are we fucking? Just so I know. )