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  1. Amanda Beard to appear in Playboy..

    i agree. other than some tennis chicks or a handful of ice skater chicks i cant think of any other hot sports babes.
  2. true, but i dont remember them postponing that race when it's more than halfway finished. i could be wrong and yea, we sleep late on sundays if we dont have to be anywhere, she is usually falling asleep by 11pm most nights. even when i wasnt married those live european or asian races were a lil rough especially after a saturday night.
  3. hahahahaha...

    oh well, i still stand behind my comment even it's totally unrelated.
  4. hahahahaha...

    how bout the mexican crowd booing her later on, where's the thanx for our lax immigration policies??
  5. agreed. but the problem with open wheel race cars is that their handling is greatly affected by the track conditions, much more than stock car or say GT racing. the more overcast it got, or later in the day, the more the track conditions become unpredictable, especially for tire temperature. one of the reasons y F1 and other open wheel cars keep their tires heated prior to the race start, so the tires have better grip. once the temp goes down, especially late in the day, goodbye grip. you can also add the fact that they dont have lights on the car i guess leading to poor visibility. i would def rather be in a 200mph accident in a stock car than an open wheel racer. i know im trying to stay interested in F1. but since schumacher retired last year, and the burden of those 7:00am live sunday races are started to wear on me.
  6. i watched most of the race before the 1st rain delay, nothing really stood out for me. this race meant more to me when CART ran the show. the ending was disappointing, but franchitti has been at it awhile, so he deserved his chance regardless of the rain. i was hoping at least seeing ashley judd all wet at the end would be a bonus, but we couldnt even see wet nip.
  7. Brian Leetch

    yep ur right
  8. Brian Leetch

    agreed, no cup without him. if im not mistaken, everyone from that team is now officially out of the game. seems so long ago now.
  9. Say hello to the Joker!!!

    have ur fun. but i am glad that a picture i posted 3 years ago still pops into the minds of the ghey community on this board. jealous then, jealous now.
  10. Say hello to the Joker!!!

    I would like to see these villians: Deadshot Man-bat: not necessarily a villian, but would probably look great visually. KGBeast with Deadshot in a double assasain movie. The Reaper or maybe this classic: Polka dot man
  11. Say hello to the Joker!!!

    now ur being silly
  12. Say hello to the Joker!!!

    riddler is a lame character, these movies should go a different route than the originals did with the villians, wats next mr. freeze, poison ivy? break some new ground.
  13. Say hello to the Joker!!!

    if they stick to the comic, and make him the sick, twisted, and demented fuck he is, then everything will be ok. if they choose to make him campy, like nicholson, then it will be a disappointment. the problem with most comic book movies, except batman begins in certain ways, is that they make the villians softer for the general audience. comic book fans know that the joker is just an insane murderer, capable of making jeffery dahmer look like santa clause. but i also understand having to appeal to a wide audience. the only reason sandman was in spidey 3 was because they need a soft villian that people felt sorry for, to offset venom, whose character was played way down to please the kiddie viewers.
  14. fucking redwings!!!!!!

    Wings had a great season, but the ducks had the better goalie. Pronger and S. Niedermayer have this confidence on defense that i would love to have on my team. I think it's great to see 2 non cup winning teams playing for the title, and nice to see a canadian team back in the finals. But, I am going with the ducks. They almost pulled it off against the devils a few years ago, and I am a big Selanne fan, so great to see him finally get that chance.
  15. Opie and Anthony...

    well neither they nor stern want to be told wat they can discuss either, so the arrogance factor comes in