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  1. she hurts me again

    Warranty wont cover body work.
  2. she hurts me again

    I guess I have not been involved in this discussion from the beginning but I'll try to add to this. The reason she called you was because you were the first person she thought of and she feels comfortable to call in such a situation. She called you on as a friend, because friends help friends out in time of need. I dont think there is anything more there. If you feel that you want to help her, then you should. You can give her attitude while you help since she deserves it, but not too much. Just cold-shoulder her, but help her with the situation. If you are truly pissed off at her, then dont bother, dont even call back. In the past you been coming to her, now she is coming to you, make yourself a bit unavalaible, but dont let her know. Maybe if you become a challenge, she might become a bit more interested.
  3. Wednesday: where to go tonight?

    Wow, you guys are lots of help! What, there is nothing to do on a wednesday?
  4. Biotechs...

    BIOs is not a totally bad play sector to play if you pick you spots of course, genenerally I would stay away. You know right now, semis might be a better place to be then BIOs because everybody and their mother hates on them, which means if you can handle the turns and twists you can make something if you can pick correctly. Naz putting a base in here, i dont think we will break 1000. Dow is the biggest concern.
  5. Whats up NYC headz. We are looking to come up to the City tonight but not really clear on what is happening tonight. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. Lounge, bars, clubs.
  6. Pikuachu gets violated

    Oh good, this thread is back to life without my help. It was not getting any love yertsterday, unlike pickachu:tongue:, but it hella hilarious.
  7. Pikuachu gets violated

    This is hilarious http://www.modernhumorist.com/mh/0205/free/images/punchie.mov
  8. Sound Factory Was Sick!!!!!!!!!!!

    For all you early peeps that go out at like 10am or 1pm Sunday. How do you dress? Did you do the S&M theme or just whatever? I have never done this, but this totally sounds like a great alternative to hanging through the night till 7am for the good shit to start. Do they still take cover to get in at 1pm?
  9. funny website...

    Ummmm, this is total old news chief, but these fcuckers are way way cheezie. Here one for you
  10. Girls, girls, girls................

    {singing}Girls I doooooooo adore just put your number on the paper, cause I would like to datechya. Mmmmmmm, these are some very very nice ones. Yummmmmieeeee.
  11. Okay you gotta pic one... which one...

    neither, next.......
  12. Missy Elliot: Remix... For My People???

    Its on the 'So Addictive' album
  13. Are you employed on wall street?

    Valid point. Well, I basically have been in IT because thats what I went to school for and just decided to stick with it. I have been a business analyst, developer, consultant, dba, network admin. I really have not enjoyed much of this work so I am looking to switch careers. I graduated school last year but I did not look to join an investment bank because I was just late in their hiring cycle. So i took a job with a blue chip company. Unfortunatelly, that is just not working out right now so I am looking to do what I really enjoy which is work in the securities industry, whether in investment banking or trading or running money for a hedge fund or mutual fund. I am just curious what kind of work people do if they are involved in the industry and how they got there.
  14. Attn: CarBuffs... Post Your Pics...

    Silver lowered with pro-kits
  15. Are you employed on wall street?

    little bump and grind Any more info out there from you guys? Thanks