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  1. Post your DRUNK pics...

    Nah, no relation. i met Truwguy one night at the old Metro Lounge. Nice guy, but no relation. We just happen to all be faces from the "Old Days" of CP, back in the LinaBina days. Haze n Sugar- give a holla if you're ever in the area, esp if you guys come into Hoboken. I'm still here, and I'll make sure that you (and any foreign friends you bring along) will be well taken care of!
  2. Post your DRUNK pics...

    Just on a whim I come by and visit the boards. Lo and behold, I see two faces from the old days. DG and Jo, how are you guys doing? Coming out to SandBar anytime soon?
  3. 2009 Camaro?

    I'd actually rather live in Park Slope than in most parts of Manhattan any day...
  4. certified?

    No Do not even consider Afaa, unless you're looking to just teach aerobics (and even then there are better choices.). Afaa doesn't hold any weight in most gym scenarios, and the content taugh is basic, at best. Stick to the certifications listed above; trust me, you'll be more knowlegeable and make more money wherever you go.
  5. certified?

    NASM trainers get the highest payscales...almost every major gym corporation looks for it before they even look at your application/resume. Crunch, NYSC, Equinox, 24-Hr Fitness- I've got friends who are all trainers/managers in those companies and all agree NASM is first choice, followed by NSCA and ACSM.
  6. Ultra Reviews!!!!!!!

    anyon see Tara Reid there? She walked right by me outside, in an orange top and jean skirt. Man, she didn't look so hot in person, and should have been wearing a bra...did not have nice sweater meat.
  7. Splenda..

    I wish I had a job where I could post all day and win a PSP...
  8. Keep the Asians out of clubs!

    I find it funny when I see one asian crack racist on another, especially when everyone else can't tell the difference, whether the people are Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Thai, etc.
  9. AIM shut down ? Check your buddy list

    But AIM doesn't limit me to 100 text messages per month (or whatever my plan is...)
  10. Can anyone give me a 411 on things to doin the islands? I've got my daytime itinerary planned, now I've got to figure out my night time plans... My friend and I will be staying at the Aqua Aloha Surf hotel, but will have a car while ou there, any help would be great!!
  11. St. Patricks Day in Hoboken 3/5

    Sorry, you wanted locations also. GreenRock, Hobson's Choice, Oddfellows, Texas/Arizona (which opens at 9:00AM), Lana, and Skybar are all right outside the PATH train station, between Hudson St and River Street. The Quays, 340, and Trinity are all on the water in the 333 River Building- when you get off the PATH, walk up river street 4 blocks, you can't miss it. Madison, City Bistro, LUA, Liberty are all UPTOWN on 14th street. If they're running, you can tell the cabbies down at the PATH train to take you to whatever bar, and they'll know where to go, but I don't know if there will be ANY cab service until after the parade (around 2:30 PMish). Lounge 11 is located at the corner of 5th & Madison. Some other fun bars you might want to check out are all located deeper in town, like Gaslight, 3A's, Moran's, O'Neials. Hope this helps.
  12. St. Patricks Day in Hoboken 3/5

    NMN- every bar, no matter where you go in town, will be beyond packed. Last year they estimated over 9000 people came into town to party. The places that fill up fastest with the longest lines and wait will be the bars on either end of town, like Texas/Arizona, Oddfellows, GreenRock, Skybar, Madison's, City Bistro. For a more chill atmosphere you might want to try some of the bars on the water, like Trinity, 340, or the new Lua. Me personally, I'm doing the house party thing until about 3PM (got 5 to go to all around town) then I might pop into either Lounge 11 or 10th & Willow (after so many drinks, I need to be able to dance off) Let me know if you have any more questions. If you can find me, I'll be the guy feeding everyone lime green jello shots.
  13. get in ur votes!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best of luck (I even came out of retirement to vote for ya)
  14. Post your DRUNK pics...

    what club were these pics taken in?
  15. Random ;)

    Some nice pics there. Personally, I find the girl in the first pic ideal. But those Bucci twins...they remind me of someone...gimme a sec...Ah, 80's rock phenom, The Nelson Brothers!!! I present my case, let me know what you think... vs.