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    Trance & House DJ in Connecticut. I also own OCSD RaDiO, http://ocsd.cjb.net
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    Middlebury, CT
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  1. List your favorite DJs

    No real order: Robbie Rivera The Scumfrog Junior Jack Joey Negro Armin Van Helden David Guetta DJ Skribble Freemasons
  2. any oldskool clubnyc heads here?

    Haha, wow, very cool to see all the old school people still lurkin around the boards.
  3. good places to live

    Waterbury ain't that bad man.. lot of good bars around, Cleary's, Jennifers, Chico's, Steel Lounge, Fluid.. just to name a few. And heard 22 Nightlife is opening a club in Waterbury very soon
  4. Saturdays @ Lounge 215 . New Haven

    Yo Sub, what are the possibilities of a club DJ with 8 years experience getting a spot up at 215? I've gone there a couple times and it's always been one of my favorites..
  5. TRACK ID please helppp

    Place is sick as fuck, def. the best club CT has ever seen, seen Scumfrog there last year, Oscar G on Friday, and now I can't wait to see Sander, Herm, Howells, even BT is coming soon.
  6. Mobb Deep

    Mobb Deep has recently signed with Jive Records. Their next CD "Murda Mixtape" comes out on Landspeed records April 29th. They're also working on their next album. Prodigy and Havoc haven't gone anywhere, there newer shit is awesome: Mobb Deep - Double Shots ^ Download and see what I mean. Peace
  7. Top Halloween Songs / Dark Tracks

    Saccoman - Revelation Rank 1 - Awakening [benicio Mix] Love those drums Parker & Clind - Generator Faithless - Tarantula (song makes you feel like your flying)
  8. Anyone feelin this track?

    Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer (CJ Stone Remix).. Got a great crowd response this past Saturday night, seeing if anyone is feeling it regardless if the track is old or not..?
  9. See.. talk all this bullshit online, but guranteed.. you fucking homos wouldn't say a godamn thing to my face. BTW: Number of posts mean nothing, it's not my fault you guys all think your some "elite" group of music listeners and posters on Clubplanet, all that shows is your fucking geeks, wake up and get a life, you treat music like you have to live and breathe by it.
  10. :laugh: Who the fuck asked you to throw your pointless opinion in this conversation? I don't belive I remember pointing my post at you, so maybe you should shut your fucking mouth. Second.. rookie? Thats pretty sad that you registered in 2000 and have only 200-something posts, so whos the real rookie? Post garbage? When's the last time I posted a list on this board? Nobody posts lists on this board anymore cause assholes like you and wakeup always have something to say about the tracks people post. Wether it's.. "Fuck MP3's.." or its "That song is old and garbage". Understand you fucking morons, people have different tastes in music, not everyone likes the shit you listen to. Also understand some people download MP3's, and some don't, and thats fine, but please, shut the fuck up already about it, this whole "MP3 Leech" is whats killing this fucking board, and assholes like you promote it. So do us all the favor, and just shut the fuck up and stop trying to sound like your a fucking king DJ, because talking shit on a message board is one thing, talking shit to my face is another, so if you got a problem with me or the music I listen to, take a drive over to Connecticut and tell me straight to my face.
  11. This message board went to shit because of faggots like you. You don't know when to shut your mouth, all you do is complain about record companys and how you blow all your money on vinyl. Get a fucking clue, nobody gives a fuck if you don't download MP3's.. This board is totally helpless with morons like you putting your two sense in on every post. I can't even stand looking at your posts, you make me wanna fucking puke. Thankgod that there is still some intelligent people on here to save half this board from leaving.
  12. All of you shut the fuck up! Who gives a load of shit who's getting fucked over. Let the record companys be complete morons, and all the leaches can capitalize off their downfall.
  13. Aubrey-Willing & Able (Hex Hector mix)

    Please.. once "I Turn To You" hit the states the track was already hit, especially because the likes of Louie Devito is the one who leaked it to America. Hex is one of the most versatile remixers I've heard in a while, keep your ears open...