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  1. EUROPE vrs NYC vrs BOSTON at the ROXYPLEX

    James how can they have more heads upstairs on a Saturday, that place is a cash-cow! They need to re-institue there guest list or bring back the gold card sales. Chris
  2. ENVY Friday - Metropolis Saturday

    Rick I will be at Metro on Saturday, make sure you save me a CD! I need to speak to Regina about the new room renovations, place is going to be NICE. Steve is a pretty innovative guy! Chris at 411
  3. Dissappointed Club Scene

    Clubrat, We are thinking about taking a whole crew down to NYC to party. We will promote it through the magazine and our message board for the publication. Drop me a line and let me kow how many people you can recruit. Chris at 411 Nightguide [email protected] www.411nightguide.com
  4. EUROPE vrs NYC vrs BOSTON at the ROXYPLEX

    James, You and I travel in this same STRANGE circle......LOL! When did you pick up Roxy on Saturdays......they booting Addilson?
  5. Strip Joints

    If thats the case man, hit Alix's in Stoughton on route 138 or there is a Foxy Lady in Brockton too, right near the mall.
  6. Strip Joints

    Vision, Boston is pretty much dead, about 7 or 8 years ago they cleaned up the "Combat Zone" which was Beantowns red light district. Your best bet is to make the truck down to Providence RI. There are several clubs that are unreal. Foxy Lady, Fantasies, Satin Doll, Cheaters, just to name a few. Good luck and have fun!
  7. New to the board.........

    Actually Kerri, The 13th is the day before my b-day, so I may work the event myself considering I have the 14thg off! Chris
  8. New to the board.........

    Kerri, You need to let me know what going on with the grand re-opening, okay? I will make sure the magazine gets involved. We can do an Oxygen bar, Girls of 411, maybe some other stuff. Let me know what you want to do hun. Chris at 411 Nightguide [email protected]
  9. New to the board.........

    Kerri we meet agian hun! LOL How are things at Vision, did you get your boss to spring for another ad? I was looking at the menu the other day.......AWESOME!!!
  10. this week....

    Josh you spining with Cliff and Hoska at Metro?? Nice have a good night if I don't see ya.
  11. The 411 on this weekend?

    Rox, Talking here is tough E-mail me at [email protected] The Roxy is just okay, it is more of a progressive house.....kinda like if I hear Tamia on more f**ing time I will jump on a sword! Now downtstairs from the Roxy is The Matrix...........that is an off the hook place. Let me know what you want to listen to and the type of crowd and vibe you want and I will point you in the right direction. As for RISE you not getting in with out a member of a pass from one of us. It is a GREAT place though. What about Providence? Are you comming to Boston for another reason of just to party. If it is just to party check Providence out too. Metropolis, NV at the Strand, Pulse and few other smaller places. Gimme the heads up. As far as the site that is changed monthly. Wanna get weekly info go to.......http://www.soundfactoryboston.com/ and be sure to check out the bulletin boards there too. Chris
  12. The 411 on this weekend?

    This is too long goto http://www.411nightlifeonline.com/index.shtml Chris at 411Nightguide [email protected]