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  1. Anal Sex? Do You Like It?

    That's who I was thinkin of when I wrote it !!!
  2. Anal Sex? Do You Like It?

    only if she has a nice ass though
  3. Anal Sex

    Explain the "right" way to do it!
  4. Do any of you sex freaks love eating a

    That shit is freaky as hell. Adds some variety.
  5. Men....difference b/w good sex and bad sex??

    Good sex = ENTHUSIASM! Nothing like having sex when both of you are as attracted and turned-on by each other.
  6. Does It Bother You When....

    You need to leave that Lina chick alone. I always see your posts about how much you like her, how she's always breakin your heart, blah, blah. Listen, cous, there are PLENTY of other women out there. Don't be so fixated on Lina. Nothin lasts forever, so try to move on. I am not bashin you in anyway, b/c I've felt EVERYTHING you're feelin and the shit sucks!! From what I've read, she's hooked up with other people, her brother doesn't like you...y'all just ain't on the same level anymore. Sometimes, you just gotta learn when to say fuck it...it just ain't worth it. You sound like a decent dude, so I'm sure there are other women that will treat you better. It's tough realizing that someone you like doesn't like you anymore like that, but so goes life. It's a New Year...go out...and meet some new women!! It'll be weird at first, but then you'll realize you think less and less about Lina. CHEER UP COUS!!!! (And Lina -- I'm not bashin you in any way, just tryin to helpin one of my fellow men get his pole back into the water and start fishin again!!))
  7. On Topic: Fuck spragga25!

    I see you get RIGHT to the point~!!!
  8. Breast Implants....

    fake boobies are corny. They look ok, but feel like plastic. keep your babies natural...
  9. Sex being offensive

    Good point!!! Didn't think of it that way.
  10. How To Stop People.....

    I like that little thing under your avatar!!! They should put that on TV. :o
  11. what is your opinion concerning...

    You couldn't even let her/him ride you......imagine lookin down to see that shit and seeing another Mr. Wiggles lookin back at you???
  12. here is a question for the guys

    Fuuuuuckkkkk nooooo!!! C'mon, man....i don't want to see any signs of an adam's apple on a chick i'm messin with. Goin from havin an outie to an inie just ain't right!!
  13. question

    shagfest sounds better than "sex board meetup"!!
  14. question

    may not get laid, but some people will. It's just a meetup to place names with faces....and act on some of those "message board crushes"... Everyone on this board is horny, but not everyone is down to fuck just anyone. It's just fun to flirt..... nah mean??
  15. Attn: Pussy Eaters

    you sound like you just like to please your partner....nothing wrong with that at all, buddy!!!