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  1. Official Word on PVD @ The Roxy - 11/11

    Boycott the Roxy. They screwed over my friends a couple years ago by doublebooking an event the same night and breaking their contract. This caused a lot of frustration and financial loss for many of the individuals involved. They have a history of screwing over bands and promoters so the best thing you the consumer can do is to NOT GO THERE. Do not give the Roxy any of your money. Spend it elsewhere. There are plenty of other ways to waste your money in NYC. Peace.
  2. New Brunswick Nightlife

    Last I checked we live in America and a private business owner should be able to do whatever he likes with his property. You should not be required to have a permit to perform music and have dancing. Don't be fools people. The more you let your government tell you how to live the less freedom you have. Competition is good for the scene. It's foolish to deny these restaraunts the ability to move some tables to the side and set up PA systems for DJ's to use. It brings more people out and more money gets spent in the community.
  3. Tiesto in AC

    i am astounded how fanatical people are about him. it boggles the mind. go spend your $50 to listen to someone play CD's and don't forget your E pills.
  4. No Nightclubs Read the article. This is retarted. I wonder who's behind it?
  5. Deko Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey madness.. I'll see you there.. fuck work in the AM!
  6. Final Channel X Party in the Wave Lounge @ Platinum!! Tuesday Sept 14th guests DJ Booth [ www.djbooth.org ] Ralph Smooth [ NJHA ] Raymond Saga [ NJHA ] resident DJ Richard Hinge This is our final Tuesday party as the club has a new gig starting next week. We will return later next month when the new lounge is open for business! More details on that new party soon. bassfreq
  7. John Digweed @ Crobar, Fri 8/27

    i'm there tonight! pre partying now with some grey goose and oj! gonna be a blast.. peace. bassfreq.com
  8. once again it's tuesday and that's no reason to stay home and think about getting up for work tommorow! come out and get smashed at platinum! sexy bartenders and sexy beats should be enough reason to bring you to the hottest club in central jersey.
  9. Do they scan in avalon?

    yeah well... i seriously doubt the scanners are in place to keep tabs on the idiots getting busted with drugs or starting fights... and even if that is the case, why does everybodys personal information have to be saved for the 1% of assholes that are getting into trouble? the whole concept is fishy. all the club needs to know is if you are over 18 or not. thats it. and you do not need a scanner with a database to determine if your clients are of age. fuck this big brother shit. why don't they scan your birth certificate and your social security card while your at it? how about your credit cards and a blood test to boot?
  10. Do they scan in avalon?

    isn't anybody nervous about these ID scanners? why does a club need to scan and save my personal information? what kind of security is in place to make sure your privacy is safe? are these systems in place to curb underage drinking or are they really in place to try to market or sell us something? the whole concept is pretty scary to me. they don't need to store that information.
  11. tonight the music is going to be hot! dan physics from sonicgroove and luna all the way from san fran are going to be tearing up the decks for rich's record release party!
  12. yeah.. definatly no shortage of talent for this month.
  13. Conrail record release party Aug 10th! Conrail Records established in 1997 is now on its 7th release. Conrail 007 written and produced by Richard Hinge is available in stores now. Featuring 3 tracks of pure techno. Come and celebrate the music of Richard Hinge and special guest DJs. This will be a techno orgy at its best!!!!!!!! CONRAIL 007 1-(title track)against time 2-checkmate 3-X trigger bassfreq.com sonicgroove.com satelliterecords.com planetxusa.com
  14. so it's raining cats and dogs! music is gonna be hot tonight (as it is every week). 10 pm - 2 am 21 + ladies free 21 + gents $3