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  1. Top 10 List...

    Awww, is it that time of year again when its getting too cold to picket an abortion clinic, and you must focus on bible thumping the infidel clubbers?
  2. I hate Crobar (a review....)

    I have to agree here. What is the big deal about dressing up even if you dance? I mean for a girl it is different, I can't imagine how painfull it would be to dance in heels. But I always show up in a nice pair of pants, loafers (rubber soled ones), and a button down (and usually a blazer now that it is chilly) and it doesnt inhibit my dancing at all...now I may not be nearly as good as some of you at tearing up the dancefloor (I have more heart than skill lol) but I don't really see how dancing in a t-shirt and sneakers is that much more comfy. I understand that it's a matter of principle for many of you, but if a club is going to be really lax on the dresscode you are going to start complaining about the "vibe" and how it feels so chinatown. Afterall, none of the smelly asians in avalon that everyone complains about on here would be able to get by the door in crobar - the asians that are there are completely different and are pleasant. If clubs in the city catered only to those that are just about the music, they would be empty and run out of business.
  3. BORRIS IS THE NEW jonathan?!!

    I have to disagree with you here. I hate the spirit JP crowd but go to crobar a couple times a month (its my favorite club right now). The crobar crowd is much friendlier, classier, and keeps their shirts on. They also are much more discreet with their drug use, and you don't see many spiky haired guidos at all. I actually saw an overtanned juicehead with his A|X tanktop doing the little bicep pump dance that he must have learned at spirit and everyone that saw pointed their fingers and laughed (not to mention he didnt get any chicks). Though you probably are correct about the girls having fake boobs. Musicwise, I have to say that Boris is probably the worst DJ I have heard in NYC, though I have only heard him twice lol. At least jp does his pots and pans consistently. Luckily crobar usually brings in awesome talent when Boris isn't playing. But I think crobar is the only big-room in the city nowadays that consistently has a good vibe.
  4. this is why president bush won... PLEASE READ!!

    I have always wondered why conservatives so often seem so pompous...are they just naturally that way, or are do they act like that because they are mimicking pundits such as O'Reilly and hannity? I say this with no ornery spirits, its just a legitimate curiosity. As for rich smart ones voting for bush, they only do it out of concern for their pocketbook. Pretty much all of the rich Republicans I know think Bush is a moron and disagree with most of his policies - except taxes.
  5. Question about SPIRITS

    You know how I get down, luztistalker. Though I also hop forward and back, shake my arms (so for some reason everyone around me forms a circle and holds their noses....I think they think I am a "sikkkk" dancer)...all while shaking my head sikkkk.
  6. Clubplanet picture thread!!!

    hmm, if I knew rachel was such a stunner I would have showed up...kinda reminds me of my mom.
  7. Question about SPIRITS

    I am in a good mood so I wont say anything more about you calling it spirits. As for your questions... If you are on a *real* guestlist, that is, one that is for a real VIP, a connected clubber, or if you know someone connected to the club then they probably won't even check your ID, or at most quickly glance at it. Unfortunatly, I have had to be in spirit three times so far and I never got more than a quick glance at my fake id, and I am not on a real guestlist. So if you look and act over 21, and your ID is decent you should not have a problem. Also, you can always increase your chances of getting in when you buy a bottle. Though personally I hate spirit.
  8. Whats good in Boston?

    I normally go out in NYC but this weekend I will probably be visiting my grandma in Boston. Can anyone give me some good recommendations on some fun clubs? I am looking for a crobar NYC type of place - tons of pretty girls, good EDM, won't call the cops if they think your ID is fake, and not too many trashy people. Somewhere that if I dress well I won't look out of place would be nice too. Haha I know that is alot to ask for nowadays, but any help would be much appreciated.
  9. $200.00 and Britney Spears is yours

    The important question here is why you were looking for her music in the first place?
  10. grrrr...damn cops!!!

    Why did the cops block off 28th street last night? I was sooo pissed that I couldn't go to Crobar. I ended up sitting in brite bar for a couple hours and going to to Spirit (which was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but still bad)...the metaphor for the night was when some juiceheads asked me if I am an Italian cop (my costume had big Russian lettering on it and looks nothing like an outfit of the Caribinieri...enclosed is a pic before going out). Till next year I guess.
  11. Booo Yourself Danny Teneglia Tix!

    I think I might be going. If you see a really tall guy dressed in a full Russian police uniform then say hi .
  12. Can a Guy work with strippers?

    So you're telling me that I stuffed my week's paycheck into a man thong??
  13. Halloween costumes

    I am going to be a Russian police colonel. I have everything authentic, down to the regulation elastic band black tie, traffic baton, white gloves, red commie armaband etc. So if any chicks don't behave, I am going to go commie on their ass :-D
  14. Modelween @ club spirit 10/23

    I am going. I didn't go last year but I heard from those that went that it was a good time. Should be a good event for some networking if you are into the modeling scene - I will deff be looking to set up shoots with some models I meet there (I am photographer). I am a tall dude and I will be wearing a Russian police uniform, say hi if you see me.