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  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!!

    yay!! but who didn't expect the Marlins to sweep the phillies right? hehe
  2. Ricky "shithead" Williams..

    I don't blame Ricky for wanting to retire either.. but he didn't have to be such a dick about it..

    insane.. highlights for me were markus and pvd.. anyone know what's the name of that first track from markus?
  4. Los Marlins Estan...............

    Lowell's the man... I'm going to the Memorial Day game. should be a nice crowd
  5. after watching Ultra (for the ladies)

    he's still right though
  6. The How Old R U thread.

    23.5 24 on Jan. 2
  7. the underappreciated DJ of the year

    For sure most under appreciated Miami DJ period. IMO
  8. David Padilla

    Where can I catch David Padilla now?? Seriously... spinning. Thanx
  9. The Pimp Sundays Sessions - Now 18+

    So, no dress code right?? Just to make sure..
  10. Picotto Taking Over Spaceeeeeee !

    I haven't been to Space since WMC and it was casual at least for space... Is there a "dress code" tonight? What should/shouldn't a guy wear?
  11. I now love the Space patio!!!!

    I know what you mean, that morning was the first time I hung out out there more than 5 min. We left at 11
  12. Space..last night!!!!

    Yeah, it was crazy... Like at 8? we moved out to the patio where it was nice and packed and stayed out there till 11 something... That was the end of my WMC 2002 I depleted my WMC funds about 11 hrs too soon..
  13. who is going to space tonight??

    I'll be therr like at 12. A meet up would be cool...
  14. When is Danny Tenaglia spinning?

    How much is cover for tonight?? And whos is going for sure? I just decided to go and its getting late....