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  1. Sex in front of the kids?

    He starts moaning and making all these funny noises. I was like OKAY! Then after he takes a bath he starts playing with his penis and chasing my little cousin around the house. Then all of a sudden he stops and starts trying to lick his nipples hey thats the same thing I was doing when I was three...come to think of it I still I'm....
  2. help with anal...

    *LOL* hmmm...funny...not all that helpful though....fiber...like some shreded wheat?*LOL*
  3. you mean you deserve a spanking http://community.theunderdogs.org/smiley/noughty/spank.gif
  4. help with anal...

    ... ok ... lemme refraze this... anybody have any input on how to stand some where all day with out shytin in my pants... you know what I mean?... like I heard eating cheese helps ...
  5. help with anal...

    ok so I've been bi for a few years...and had anal a few times... and now I have a new job were I have to go long hours every day with out going to the bathroom every couple of minutes...is there anything I can do to .... make everything hold its self together better? thanks
  6. Guys pleasuring yourself orally...

    lol...I can do this...I must be better endowed then you kids...lol
  7. I Dont Understand Some Virgins??

    I think both those girls are nuts
  8. Booty house?

    can anybody recommend some good booty tracks
  9. How many guys on the board are bi?

    shoot BG I never met a house dj who wasn't bi or gay before,its cool though do your own thing by the way I'm down for makin any of you laidies three way fantasies cum true