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  1. Craaaaaaaaaack Heads Wake Up!!!

    yo BRIAN, nice pic man wherws that pic taken??
  2. Should I still talk to my X??? Help!!!

    moose theres lots of fish in the sea, go fishin bro.... your gonna regret the time you wasted on something thats gonna end up in nothing:duel:
  3. When Is Arena Classics?

    ill most def will be there sat. chillin with some of the hottest fuckin chicks..... (insomnia guestlist)
  4. When Is Arena Classics?

    Arena (Palladium) is a hidden secret, its the pretty people place, its a hot spot.....
  5. Why are guidos everywhere now?

    guidos are here to stay, aint going no where.... how youuu doin......????
  6. ROXY SUCKED...and here's why:

    i was being sarcastic, thank you vixen, dj could have showcased it a lot better....
  7. ROXY SUCKED...and here's why:

    kinda dissapointed , expected to see more changes in the club, and maybe they'll turn on the "phazon" sound system by next week.....
  8. stuff to do sat night/sun afternoon

    sounds like a plan crystelbella, i like that idea....
  9. anyone ever been to....

    anyone ever been to club Arena in New Rochelle, any opinions on it????
  10. Whats your favorite soft drink?

    yup, Vitamin water is the shit, especially the blue citrus flav
  11. anyone with problems...

    that brought a fcukin tear to my eye....
  12. Does anyone, besides me ,hate ....

    if expeimenting with Indian music and experimenting with something like tetris gets them the money.... hey id start experimenting with aboriginee flutes if that was gonna make me filthy rich.......whateva
  13. Friday -> Vinyl/Exit

  14. For Anyone That Drinks Alcohol..

    gott a try the "liquid heroin" , "liquid cocain" and a "stop light" , i wont even bother telling you whats in it you have these and youll be straight for the night, keep in mind that the "stop light" is three shots red,yellow and green.... cheers....