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  1. FORZA montreal

    i'm here i'm here.. had a FUCKING rough few weeks.
  2. I Can't Trust Anyone

    I can't trust either and it's not because I lie to other people. Not being able to lay my trust in someone elses hands is because a few people in that past have ruined it for me.. usually that's what happens.
  3. Explaination...

    i hope you're feeling/feel better babe
  4. Last Night

    nah i'm not going to call.. it's really not *my* thing
  5. Holller at me............

    we develop an eye for these things babe
  6. is this cheating.

    yeah i agree.. i said wtf too.. maybe she's leaving parts of the story out.
  7. I really like pussies....honest!

    they are adorable!!!
  8. is this cheating.

    yeah i realize it's cheating, i was just wondering what everyone else thought.. her boy is a good friend of mine and i feel almost obliged to tell him if she doesn't chose to. I'm hoping she'll realize what happened and just come clean about it but she just doesn't want to hear it. Bottom line is she doesn't think she cheated and swears the if her boy were to have done it she wouldn't care which I know is total bullshit.
  9. is this cheating.

    yeah for sure but she seems to think there isn't anything wrong because she didn't actually touch the guy nor did he touch her.. so she wont tell her boy..
  10. Holller at me............

    that mullet isn't evenly cut lol the left side is shorter than the right.
  11. "i Need Something..."

    this shit happens to me all the time. I'm too nice and get stepped all over.. it fucking blows
  12. is this cheating.

    talking to a friend and she tells me that this weekend she hooked up with a guy but didn't.. so i say wtf? either you did or you didn't. she has a boyfriend and was out with some friends, she had too much to drink and ended up going home with a girlfriend and a whole bunch of other people.. her and some guy ended up masterbating together.. is that cheating??????
  13. Holller at me............

    loving the crooked bangs.
  14. Swirl - Montreal

    last night babe.. JONNY??? did you go babe?