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  1. Montreal....

    i would stay at crowne plaza. good location and good rates esp if you book over the internet. mad restrictions so if you book it make sure you can definitely go. has garage parking which you have to pay for but its in the hotel and is covered. make sure you hit up stereo. arguably the system in North America. Aria is going on and i think they opened sona back up now. check their sites for the schedule. some decent lounges on st laurent, Living, Tokyo Bar, can't think of the others right now. let me know if you need more info.
  2. Mark Farina Roll Call

  3. Anythin good goin on 4 this Friday?

    Mark Farina @ Centro is going to be a great party
  4. Centro 7/3 rollcall...

    actually really wanted to this but unfortunately i have to go vegas, boo hoo when i was there for carl cox it was hot as hell in that joint so be prepared, he's going to destroy that place, have fun!
  5. Off To Vegas!

    see you there, should be a good one. can you PM any other parties going on?
  6. Richie Hawtin !!!

    well he hasn't been playing heavy techno his last 2 NY shows, minimal electro type stuff it'll be interesting what the reviews are like
  7. Neptunes 6/28...and PM club

    haven't been there this year yet but from last year: cover 10 no guest list starts at 4 but get there at 3 at the latest to avoid the line. it goes to 8 or 9 the place is crazy fun, say hi to all the undercovers there for me
  8. i saw him on the 26th here in NY. The guy brings great energy to wherever he spins. he's always really into it and works the crowd. his set started out hard and then it became progressively more funky but it always have a driving beat to it. definitely banging, can't really see too many people being disappointed Here's a review for the same night from another board: heavy bass line tech house...then some latin flavor vocals..hells bells...rolling basslines...funky techno...bass drops everywhere...some tweaked synths here and there...and voila..you have a carl cox set. Cant really appreciate that shit in a small room. but it kicks your ass in a big room. him and howells together will be nuts. howells got some great reviews from this past saturday. didn't really see any other big names for friday. got any info on the rubber party saturday? trying to figure what to hit when i'm out there this wknd
  9. Montreal

    Brief review from Mtl from this past weekend: STEREO had Alain Vinet and Ricky Montanari who both I've never heard on Saturday. These guys were sick and threw down some insane house w/ vocals and i don't really dig vocals. Crowd is half gay half straight and has an awesome vibe. I didn't make it Aria but from the locals STEREO is a little older and more mature. It reminded me of the old Vinyl a little and the system was definitely sick. Its one of the tops in the world and they have 3 more stages of upgrades to make to it. I thought the highs could have been a little cleaner but thats about it. No dress code, no booze. Pre afterhours we were on St-Laurent which has a ton of lounges. They mostly play hip-hop but there are some house joints depending on the night. You need to get dressed up and its better to go out early by 11. Some good spots - Tokyo Bar, Living, Upper Club. Only went to the strip clubs during the day which is the best time to go anyways. Quick Review: Teasers - Sucks Super Sexe - Awesome Kamasutra - Sucked Downtown - Awesome We stayed at Crowne Plaze which is closer to St Denis and St-Laurent. If you're going to be hanging out on St-Laurent this might work out b/c you can walk there, 6 blocks I think. Hotel was nice about 120 US/night with a garage next store. Any other questions PM. Oh yeah, and the girls super hot.
  10. Glass on Sat?

    day parties rule and we need more of them, props to ur boys for starting this up
  11. Montreal

    drive, 6hrs from nyc doing 75. don't go over 75 or might get a ticket drive is easy, straight the whole way
  12. Montreal

    montreal rocks, going there next wknd, will have updated info then sona is closed how was winston churchills whoever posted that?
  13. Hey how is Estate doing

    i think gay nights do good for a variety of reasons. first is, gay people party a ridiculous amount, always going out getting messed up. second there's only really one major party per night, roxy sat., exit sunday morning, estate sunday night. also, it doesn't hurt that the estate party is in chelsea
  14. Montreal....

    please post a review when you get back, heading up towards the end of the month and looking for info too. cheers
  15. Hey how is Estate doing

    what time does the sunday party start/end?