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  1. Philly Club Question

    Right, I know it was not a hotspot by any means, and I know Delaware Ave. is cheese, but it was a good venue having all the windows looking over downtown. I was merely looking into it for someone who was interested in renting it for a party, so if anyone knows what it is currently called (despite how much it sucks) I would appreciate it. thanks
  2. Philly Club Question

    right, but I was asking what it is now called.
  3. Philly Club Question

  4. Philly Club Question

    hey, I have a question. a few years ago, there was a club on Delaware Avenue called the 8th Floor. I was wondering if anyone knew what it is now called? thanks!
  5. Grady Little Fired

    Schmuck...you are talking about the former GM Dan Duquette, who was fired two years ago. Way to keep up...dickbag.
  6. Running up the score

    True, it looked bad that the Sox "ran the score up", but unlike football, basketball, and hockey, baseball players stats can take a dive. What were the Sox supposed to do? Start striking out on purpose? If you noticed, several times, the Sox put their runners through in order for them to get into situations to get tagged out. (Mueller from second to home)
  7. What team do you hate the most?

    take a guess...
  8. The Official FUCK YOU Yankee Haters Thread!!!

    Sorry, I was unaware that scores of a series were a baseball stat. I guess that means I can now say: BOS 1; NYY 0 Oh, I can also say... 0-5 (Yanks record in their last 5 games) Hey, I can also say... 2 1/2 (# of games out of first the Yankees are Or I could go with.... 1-13 (the Yankees record in their last 14 games at home) ok...my fingers are getting tired with all this typing
  9. Denied!!!!

    I was at the game. It was precious! Yankees downward spiral continues...
  10. The Official FUCK YOU Yankee Haters Thread!!!

    Hey dummy...that was not the score.
  11. The Official FUCK YOU Yankee Haters Thread!!!

    ...and another 6 out of the last 7.
  12. Red Sox Vs Yankees

    Me too...too bad it is not in the Bronx though. yanks have been playing great there as of late!
  13. The Official FUCK YOU Yankee Haters Thread!!!

    ...and back up yours.
  14. Normalnoises...

    Dear Normalnoises, Perhaps one of the greatest things about this country is the fact we have the right to freedom of speech. That is why I respect the fact that you can say what you want. Along those lines, I am going to exercise my right to freedom of speech. Normalnoises, you are an ignorant motherfucker. The shit in your signature and your posts makes me absolutly sick. Whether you like the fact we are at war or not is your own perogative, but it is fucking sickening to have anti-american images such as this in your signature, like you do: The young men & women who are in the armed forces do what they do to protect and defend the freedoms that you obviously take for granted. Now, when they need it most, at least show them a little respect and support so they can do what they are there to do and come home safe and quick. On a side-note, I am not in the armed services, nor am I an outright supporter of the war. I also think our president is a jackass, and I did not vote for him. I am just someone that is glad to live in America, feel privileged to be here, and admire those who are protecting the roots of what makes this place a great country to live in. I live in NYC and worked at the Trade Center, so I have seen, first-hand, the effects of those who attack our freedoms. Normalnoises, if you are so anti-American, why don't you get the fuck out of here. You are an utter disgrace to our country.