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  1. How smart do you think you are????

    michigan the top doesnt count wtf i got ri no prob
  2. If you dont go to club super sex your a fag. 2 Years ago i went there they have a good girl on girl private show.
  3. STEREO This Sat Night!

    how is stereo I going though canada this summer and wanted to check it out is it worth it
  4. ditch the parents fuck tampa just drive to FT Lauderdale or Miami West coast is for people over 60
  5. Attn: Saleen351

    its the size of his unit and he is american its FUCKING INCHES Why would a fucking american car use the metric system That is only for drugs
  6. Attn: thebannedjew

    meli did you have a six that is not a real mustang who is going to rain tonight
  7. I was going to let saleen and the hog leave without me. Thanks to everyone for last night That was a good party Good beats not too overpowering You could actually talk & that was good for the ass in there was good enough to be a dream
  8. I ll go to any club that has smokin utensils lots of ass you coming i mean to tantra
  9. hey im coming what time we going:beer: Is the hog coming
  10. I'm getting fucked up that night see everyone there Can't wait to here it:beer: :party:
  11. Happy Birthday LolaHotAss!

    Happy b day when are you coming over for your birthday spanking cheers
  12. WTF?? Hip-Hop Fri. on the Patio

    What happened to the hip hop room why don't the just put the hip hop there Had to fuck up the patio. Guess i'll see you a STAR Bar then.
  13. Looking for tracks

    hey im looking for some rock/ pop remixes Thanks
  14. What do you really want when you go out

    I hear everyone on here talk about what is wrong and right every weekend. WHAT THE FUCK DO U REALLY WANT!! Tell me U want to get ass Dancing on the floor where you could not c your life long friend in front of your face. The freshest beats!! Your beats from you r best days in life. Tell me