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  1. I want to get there early to avoid traffice, get dinner, and relax for a bit, but have no idea regarding time. Hang on.
  2. I was inspired to post on this board, don't ask why. Yo Yo, heard you will be at Circa NYE, hypnotiq sessions?
  3. Yup, we are negotiating the fine points of the deal, but it's done. JP will be appearing at this summers annual 4-H festival!!!! This will be in conjunction with the Sheep and wool festival as well as the hot air balloon regatta. We're thinking of doing it old school below the mason dixon line '94 Rave style (I am true old school unlike those thinking '98-'99 was the best club scene in NYC). There will be an abundance of women at this event to witness the 1st annual cattle vs. Man best in show competition. Sticky this till May!
  4. Deko!!!!!!

    Absolutely. Still can't hear properly, but that's the only way to do it. And in true fashion, Bigtime reminded me exactly how many days are remaining till the beginning of summer. till next time....
  5. Light Contact Football League......

    I know 3 guys that would be great for the team, but the question isn't will they play but will they get up to play. I'll PM them and another guy, but I think it's fruitless.
  6. Light Contact Football League......

    LOL!!!! You pinned me in on that one, I'm tapping.
  7. Light Contact Football League......

    So, anyone that posts on this board or guido is "fair game to play"?
  8. Light Contact Football League......

    You guys mind if I can get some of the line from Rutgers/Penn State in on it (we are all late 20's) and a TE as well?
  9. att: Iron brothers

    Did you toss a dj Fabio C (Or whatever the hell his/her name is) over to the "other board"? I noticed a post and some odd "industry" type pics in the thread, thought he/she belonged to you. "bend the bar"
  10. South City Grill

  11. Aluminum foil brother here, holla!!!!
  12. Let it swing, brutha! Oddly, if any swingers contact me, I think it's going to be difficult proving that the pic was me. Although you and I get our hair cut by the same barber, mine is slightly better
  13. I posted the pic as myself at AdultFriendFinder.com to meet some swingers.
  14. I was disappointed the Tempts cancelled the toga night, so I'm looking to wear one this weekend. My dilemma is as follows: - Should I wear sneakers with my toga, ala, guido norm? or - Should I wear penny loafers, ala, Animal House tribute? The fabric for my toga will be a 300 thread count - of course!