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  1. The Gorgeous Jesse Jane's Photo Shoot!!!

    Err.. I'm talking about u.. Look at ur pic.. Either you just came off a high or your depressed. I bet you see your psychiatrist on a regular basis.
  2. The Gorgeous Jesse Jane's Photo Shoot!!!

    vampress looks like a depressed crackwhore
  3. The Gorgeous Jesse Jane's Photo Shoot!!!

    I'm with iamsamurai on this one. She's nasty lookin and i wouldn't get near that nasty skank, nor would i get close to u Vampress. Your hideous
  4. so bodiii is a cum swapper?
  5. the drunk thread

    cookie6 gets drunk and gives away free BJ's to everyone at the bar. SHe gives a mean and sloppy one to the bartender.
  6. Post your DRUNK pics...

    LOL... Rizzo is is the next Michelangelo and 123456789abcde is the next Picasso.
  7. Everyone Read This Now Ahahahah

    lbell25678 is just pissed off cuz she got pounded and dumped by a black man.
  8. *Post Your Ugly Mug Time*

  9. Should i b punished!?????!!

    verysexynaty you're a cheater and yes u should be punished. Your bf should dump you.
  10. Diabolique.. is the miniature matchbox car for one of your 5 starving kids?
  11. Okay guys lets end this once and for all. Who's hotter? Diabolique or Raincry.
  12. I WANT SOME FEEDBACK!!! ( song )

    ya liquid, good song
  13. 2 week notice