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  1. KTU @ 118 Lounge

    is ktu going to be there 2night? Thought i heard something on the radio.
  2. Sunday Night at 118 Lounge

    Looking forward to Eddy's party. Think it's going to be a very intersting night. See everyone this weekend.
  3. I'll be down @ 118 Lounge again tonight. Had such a great time last week. Music was absolutely insane... Crowd was beautiful... Just an overall desirable scene... Cheryl, call me so we drive down together. Any other familiar faces going tonight?
  4. Great time last night... Crowd was full of energy, and Carlos Realm set the vibe all night long. Shout out to the whole crew of 118. Energy in there keeps getting better and better. See you guys again next sat. Anyone else make it there last night?
  5. 118 lounge

    I'll be there tonight....... -njclubhead.... am I gonne see that bottle of Cristal 2night or what? Feeling pretty thirsty right about now...
  6. Updog?

  7. Anyone Dreaming Of Summer Yet?

    i want the winter to be over now!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant take this crappy weather anymore..... Need the sun, beach, and drinks flowing...... god please make the summer appear NOW!
  8. CIRCA is the hottest spot in NJ right now

    everyone keeps talking about food.... what is it with food and this place....
  9. Junior & SF...Finally over...

    miss JP.... SF will never be the same.....
  10. True Life Episode Was Awesome

    America will think Seaside is a bunch of guido guys, pumping their fists to loud repetitive music, while arguing over who stole who's cheese balls. Not that far off though...
  11. Hey JoeDizzy... I was there... Had a great time once again. Would have to say it was even better then last week. Hey, there's a good chance that i may have danced with you. Music was awesome, danced alll night long. Going down next weekend to celebrate Crissy's B-day. You going to be there again Mr. JoeDizzy? NJCLubHead where was that bottle of Cristal? Thought you were gonna pop one for us... Saw a couple of bottles being popped, gonna have to find me next week so we could have a toast.
  12. andrew mendez @118 Lounge

    i only drink that cris...... think u can handle that.
  13. 118 Lounge Sat Night

    ill buy you one... if afterwards you promise to buy me and my 6 girlfriends each one..... we'll make it worthwhile.
  14. 118 Lounge Sat Night

    I was there this past Sat. with couple of my girlfriends. We had a greeeeaaaaaaat time. Music was f'n awesome. Danced alll night long. The place was really nice inside. Will definately be there this Fri. for Andrew Mendez. So fellas, who's gonna buy me a drink Fri. night?