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  1. Attn : Phone Kitten

    I do believe I'm just gonna lurk from now on. :-)
  2. Attn : Phone Kitten

    Also, you have to be connected to a girl to be charged... and there's no double charging.. It's $2/min with a 1.00 connection fee if you call the 800 number... if you order online it's strictly $2/min
  3. Attn : Phone Kitten

    You're totally full of shit, you bastard. The company is out of Seattle.. if you go to http://www.everythingphonesex.com you'll see that the billing isn't done or customer service isn't done in Houston.. ALLLLLLSO.. You never called me sugar, ever... if you did you'd know that I have a young chipmunk voice, that's why I do the schoool girl young girl calls most..
  4. Attn : Phone Kitten

    Oh yes baby.. but the atlantic... not the pacific... gotta get it right.
  5. Attn : Phone Kitten

    Bill don't come in the mail you fucking retard.... There's no overcharging... and the company billing has nothing to do with Houston... Dunno why I get picked on so fucking much, it's not like I spam or anything, I like porn.. I like the stories posted here....
  6. katie price

    I never comment on these things, cause I usually like the blonde chicks with curves.... not into dark hair or anything like that when it comes to women... But DAAYUM... this chick is hot.. I'd so do her.
  7. HBO's "Taxicab confessions"...some messed up shit!

    BTW.. the holes in the wall thing is call a Glory Hole.... fun stuff...
  8. Nasty ass Bitches WTF..........

    and notice how what I said was ignored... damn.. truth hurts like a motherfucker.
  9. Nasty ass Bitches WTF..........

    And.. Me thinks he's just making this post to fit in with the rest of the fat bashers on the board...Poor little thing is new and wants to be accepted..
  10. Nasty ass Bitches WTF..........

    New pics? So as soon as your head deflates and can fit into a camera lense? Dude, she may have been ugly, but the way you described it... saying she should've looked at how attractive you were and saw she had no chance... uhm.. well... Anybody who comes on a message board and talks about their gym time and name brand clothes obviously isn't all that hot of shit...
  11. Attn: Phonekitten

    ROFLMAO Actually.. I'm a little more dominant... You'll be the one getting on your fucking knees... got that? You'll service ME.. and maybe, just maybe if you're a good boy that dick will get some attention.
  12. Attn: Phonekitten

    The good stuff doesn't come for free...
  13. Attn: Phonekitten

    I'm 600 lbs, sugar... I buy my bras at Nissan, but damn that black leather is hot!!!
  14. Attn: Phonekitten

    Damn poster... sorry for multi post...
  15. Attn: Phonekitten

    NoMember, I'm naked... your Dad hasn't gave me my panties back yet.