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  1. I would say both are over rated specially ultra. If you've never been; ultra is all ages, outdoors, on patchy grass, like going to a concert venue to see a dj. It just doesn't have the same feel the clubs or poolside parties have. Besides most of the djs on ultra spin at other venues at other times. Unless you want to see the exclusive Ultra head liner which last year was the Cure. who wants to see a tubby 50 yr old wearing mascara? As far as the wmc badge, it gives you some access and some discounts and you get to jump in front of some lines, but for the 6th straight year. I haven't gotten one and really haven't missed anything by not getting it. Remember most times the guys getting badges are industry peeps and djs but even then not many blockbluster deals are made. Most of the wmc badges are business expenses so it isn't really out of pocket buys. good luck
  2. I don't go to any party over $20 . not because i can't afford it but because it is usually ass packed, drinks are expensive and there is no real vibe. Too many dressed up posers only there to be seen. no thanks i'll stick to free daytime pool parties and as underground as i can get in miami.
  3. Could use more trance in lineup

    as long as trance is kept where it belongs. GO ULTRA!
  4. Could use more trance in lineup

    techno - fuck trance
  5. need a place to stay

    if you must come follow sara's link. can't wait to see you in miami! keep me updated with the happenings .
  6. Miami T-Shirts!

    body by roids
  7. Me and my girlfriend have a one bedroom / living room on 29th and collins for WMC. Beach is across the street and only a short/cheap cab or bus ride to clubs. We prefer to share it with another couple or 2 girls. We only use the place to sleep and shower we are out all day at the beach and all night at clubs. I hope this helps someone out in need. email me at [email protected] if interested or if you have any questions.
  8. Who's your favorite Philly DJ?

    pete moss
  9. Eagles

    lets be fair. eli still has to play alot more to prove he stinks. mcnabb has removed all doubt he is a choke artist.
  10. Eagles

    T.O or not eagles are choke artists.
  11. We Got Plexico!!!!!

    GO GIANTS!!!!! being a giants fan in philly is painful but not as painful as choking in the super bowl
  12. bringing things on flight down

    it really comes down to what you are brining , how much of it , and where you plan to hide it. best case scenario would be a couple of pills in a pill bottle in your purse or carry on. worst case scenario is a pound of stinky weed badly packaged in your checked in luggage. if you feel really nervous about it don't do it. There is the possibility of getting caught, not going to wmc, and getting charges pressed against you. Also think about another way to get it down there like mailing it to the room you are staying in. Over night it and make sure there is nothing stinky in it. Pick it up when you get there. good luck
  13. bringing things on flight down

    no problems if you are bringing pills or powders. just put them in a vitamin bottle. Make sure all the pills look the same. smelly herb is the sketchy part. I've done it once in my shoe but it was a tiny amount.