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  1. TIX: Ferry Corsten @ Avalon, Sat 10/23

    he's been spinnin some good shit recently - ive always liked his alternative kind of trance sound though. he does'nt mind mixin it up a little bit with somethin you wouldnt expect which is always good.
  2. 16..from rockland

    are you serious? you can barely even go anywhere if your 18 anymore, any where decent is mostly 21+
  3. So i finally made POT BROWNIES

    how exactly did you do em cuz my friend was in charge of makin em a few weeks ago and fucked em up so bad they were useless.
  4. any truth to the "permanant trip" wit acid?

    stick with the shrooms its basically the same without some of the crappy side effects that cid has
  5. What do live shrooms look like??

    fuckin around with just shrooms you pick up from your backyard is bad news - def not worth it
  6. pure speculation here people buttttt... the final made events cp event is scheduled for 9/22 and tiesto is doing a mini us tour during that weekend hitting up space and a few other clubs so i dont really think it would be out of the question to think it might actually be a possibility. made has said its gonna be a huge closing event to the summer further fueling the fire. maybe they'll announce something during armin?!? if they get tiesto to do cp which pvd and armin have already done then made is def establishing cp events as a huge draw for talent. keep the fingers crossed.
  7. What Do you think of DJ Louie Devito?

    the only thing the guy has on his side was timing - he started releasing shit right as the crowd for that type of stuff was growing and then these people started buying everything he put out. nycup3 was halfway decent when it first came out but everything else really just is commercial crap.
  8. DORM DAZE its this new national lampoons movie that went straight to dvd i think but is seriously sooo fuckin bad it might even be worth it to see just for its complete stupidity. horrible
  9. Imo - Tiesto Is Better Then Pvd

    1.) wtf was that a screenshot of? 2.) theres no need to start a thread like this - people either love em both, hate em both or just like one. everybodys different, they have different sounds without a doubt, pvd is harder and wayy better at mixing and creating a flow but then again tiesto always throws a lot of energy into a room.
  10. Attn: The Crooks at Made Events

    what are we arguing about here fuckin like $10? cmon people and btw that comment about the phazon wtf how can u not like a phazon, dont tell me you like the avalon sound system better or some shit like that, phazon is by far the best without any doubt. if its loud as fuck and my ears arent ringing the next day or anything like that then im a happy guy.
  11. when the hell did spirit get a phazon?
  12. Attn: The Crooks at Made Events

    dmb also made a shitload off sales of the cd and dvd which covered that concert.
  13. Attn: The Crooks at Made Events

    gimme the name of a promotions group thats active today and on made's level. seriously who else is gonna bring in some of the talent they do. and on a side note most big made parties are pretty damn packed so when the crowds start to lighten up then u guys can talk but until then seriously come on now - they seem to be doin pretty well for themselves and most people dont seem to have a problem with it.
  14. Sensation LIVE from Amsterdam

    damn i fuckin love amsterdam - i went 2 years ago and had the time of my life gotta def head back soon
  15. is that very "balanced"? i understand what your tryin to do but u should do somethin like the abc - ecstasy rising news special a few months ago. it told the truth, and didnt just try to scare people away with mostly bullshit negatives that most other news sources do, and it was from abc, i was pretty shocked.