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  1. On December 13th 2006, The Scumfrog will make a big splash in the online game/community Second Life. His contribution to this virtual world; a 24 hour party island. The island of Skyros, -- named after the Greek island where The Scumfrog spent his childhood summers and started his DJ career 18 years ago – is being developed by Loudbaby.com to become a new haven for fans of Electronic Dance Music. The virtual playground will be a combination of a game, a chatroom, streaming DJ sets, and a networking place. The event on December 13th will start at 9pm EST and take place in Balearic flavored tents on the island. The Scumfrog will be playing live sets alongside his friends D:Fuse, Static Revenger, DJ Rap, and Richard Vission. All DJs will be present in avatar form during the event to meet, greet, and socialize. The pride of Skyros will be the otherworldly club “Glam Scumâ€. Set to open in February 2007, this club is rumored to raise the bar for the new phenomenon of online clubbing through its design and audio/visual programming. All that’s needed to join Second Life and get to Skyros is to download the software from www.secondlife.com and register as a citizen. There is a SLURL (Second Life URL) on www.thescumfrog.com that automatically launches the software and drops your newly created persona straight into The Scumfrog’s welcome center on the Second Life main land. At the welcome center, all visitors receive a goodie bag with a Scumfrog T-shirt for their avatar, as well as a beginners manual on how to move about in the new world. Once you feel you’re comfortable enough to party, you transport yourself to Skyros...to never log off again. For more information, continued updates, and a free download of The Scumfrog's upcoming single "Chicks 4 Free", check out www.thescumfrog.com
  2. Scumfrog Friday

    Wish I could be there!!!
  3. Just sharing the wealth. Download from the homepage: http://www.thescumfrog.com
  4. Finally!!! Will this be there only WMC appearance?
  5. David Waxman @ Crobar, Sat 10/8

    I never met a single David Waxman fan here in Florida. Not in Ft.Lauderdale and not in Miami. I agree that Crobar should have higher standards. I saw Deep Dish there and it was amazing. That room deserves at least a decent DJ.
  6. The Scumfrog in Chevrolet ad

    Chevrolet Calls on The Scumfrog for Revolutionary HHR Commercial Chevrolet has tapped New York DJ/musician The Scumfrog to re-work his club hit, "Music Revolution" for its new HHR campaign. The ad for Chevy's new "breakthrough-utility vehicle" features dazzling animation and a fast paced reinterpretation of the song with additional production by The Scumfrog and Joel Simon of the venerable New York production house, JSM Music. With*a focus set squarely on the younger consumer, Chevy has launched a multifaceted campaign that includes a dedicated website, www.hhrya.com, and a contest offering a tricked out HHR for the most creative image utilizing the letters HHR.* Submissions from five finalists will be featured on a special Chevy HHR-sponsored broadcast of The Tonight Show on NBC on Sept. 22. The pairing of "Music Revolution" with the exhilarating visuals by Swedish visionaries filmtecknarna provides a perfect backdrop for Chevy HHR's image. The spot features high-energy, digitally-created animation effects propelled by the hard-driving music track by The Scumfrog. "It was essential that the music selection for the HHR launch capture the innovative feel and creative energy of the commercial," said Kim Kosak, Chevrolet general director of advertising and promotions. "The HHR was created to appeal to people who are on the cutting edge looking for a unique solution for their transportation needs and The Scumfrog's 'Music Revolution' is an ideal fit for those consumers." "With record sales contracting and labels taking fewer risks, advertisers like Chevy have become a powerful alternative for showcasing independent music," says The Scumfrog. And with that in mind, his lyrics seem all the more relevant: "Not a moment to soon, the music revolution now." www.thescumfrog.com
  7. Thursday night parties

    Cielo is an awesome, beautiful place with great sound, and The Scumfrog....well, I've posted too much about my favorite DJ on this site already. Wish I was there
  8. Atlantic Records to make Annie the next free download on TheScumfrog.com For a limited time only, new Dance Music sensation Annie will be available for free on www.thescumfrog.com When New York producer/recording artist The Scumfrog (aka Jesse Houk) found out that the blonde Norwegian singer would be released in the United States, he wanted to be involved. Fresh off his #1 remix for Rob Thomas, and currently shooting up the charts with Missy Elliott’s “Lose Controlâ€, Jesse went into the studio to lend his touch to Annie’s single “Heartbeatâ€. The single and remix will be released to radio in September through Atlantic Records. As a bonus, a hard-hitting dub version of Heartbeat has been made available for free download. Increasingly, record companies prefer downloads like these over the traditional, costly, and less widespread DJ mail-outs. This is the fourth time The Scumfrog has teamed up with a major label to offer a free download on his website. In January 2004, Missy Elliott’s “Pass That Dutch†remix was downloaded over 25.000 times by Dance Music fans from Chicago to Singapore. “Heartbeat†is the second single from Annie’s critically acclaimed album “Anniemalâ€, in stores now. The Scumfrog’s own new single “Let the Sun Shine†-- a collaboration with legendary producer Cevin Fisher -- is out now on Effin Records. For all information about Annie, please visit http://www.anniemusic.co.uk/ For the free download and all information about The Scumfrog, please go to http://www.thescumfrog.com
  9. Not to be the know-it-all here, just a big Scumfrog fan. He never did any Sophie Ellis Baxter remix. All his stuff, yes, the recent stuff too, is on his website www.thescumfrog.com
  10. Deep Dish Review Crobar 3/19

    Dean Coleman indeed
  11. The freebie mania continues at The Scumfrog headquarters in anticipation of the WMC and a long hot summer. Download this laidback, stripped-down, dubbed-out remake of a classic 80s tune and imagine you're at a sunday afternoon beach hang. (it really works!) To download, go to www.thescumfrog.com
  12. The Music Revolution Continues: With hot new tunes like "Let The Sun Shine" (with Cevin Fisher) and his upcoming remixes of Lindsay Lohan and Chocolate Puma, The Scumfrog is all set to make yet another splash in this year's Miami madness. To check out all his WMC appearances and hear a full release schedule of upcoming records as well as free downloads, visit www.thescumfrog.com
  13. ...from the press release: The Scumfrog and King Street Sounds/Nite Grooves Records present the next free download at the home of The Scumfrog. This time it is an exclusive dub remix of Japanese Super Group M-Flo entitled "I Wanna Be Down". Get ready for more new releases from The Scumfrog and Effin Records as the Winter Music conference approaches. Next week, the website will feature a sneak preview of the first time collaboration between The Scumfrog and super producer Cevin Fisher. Stay tuned. For all info regarding The Scumfrog and the free M-Flo download go to http://www.TheScumfrog,com
  14. These guys just keep spreading the wealth, feeling this one! You're welcome! www.thescumfrog.com By the way, does anyone know when he will be playing Florida again?
  15. This just in: The free music mania continues today at the virtual headquarters of one of the hottest producers in Dance Music, The Scumfrog. After Missy Elliott, Lucy Woodward, and his own smash 'Music Revolution', The Scumfrog is proud to present ... Stereo Star featuring Barack Obama. Inspired by this year's keynote speech at the Democratic convention -- delivered by Illionois state Senator Barack Obama -- The Scumfrog layered the essential pieces of this electrifying delivery over one of the best instrumental jams of the summer: 'Utopia' by Stereo Star (half of Cicada). The result has been tested on dance floors across the US and Europe, driving ecstatic crowds of all backgrounds into a frenzy, and it is now available as a free download. The free download will be available until November 1st 2004 on www.TheScumfrog.com Stereo Star's 'Utopia' will be commercially available this fall on Free2Air recordings. For more information about The Scumfrog email [email protected] For more information about Stereo Star email [email protected] For more information about Barack Obama email [email protected]