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  1. Fuck Green Velvet last time I saw him was Bang 2. I think in 98. that guy use to rule.....does anyone know if he plays the same kind of music ???
  2. Im sure you have all seen this video before. So what would you label the music that is playing ? Is there anywhere in the city that doesnt play "put me to sleep" house ? RIP - Tunnel If only you younger kids could have experienced what it was like.
  3. You know you are a raver when...

    no really .....is there a such thing as a rave anymore ???
  4. You know you are a raver when...

    Do raves still exist ???
  5. Who's goin to Pacha for Timooo

    Oh yeah i forgot, I heard him in Miami too and just left saying " I dont get it. What makes people like this guy ???" NO energy. Nothing.
  6. Who's goin to Pacha for Timooo

    Pretty much YEAH ! It was that same "teased to the point, that it fucking hurts" feeling.
  7. Who's goin to Pacha for Timooo

    I saw him spin in LA somewhere and thought he was absolutely terrible. The music would just build and build and then .....NOTHING .......and then it would build again and again until ........NOTHING. This went on over and over again all night long. It was just like coming home with blue balls as a teenager. But if your the kind of person that chills and just moves from side to side you'll probably like it.
  8. whats the dresscode for Pacha ?
  9. Ok so Deepdish is out. Lawler or infected mushroom ??? Its always creepy to be in an empty club.
  10. Im from the rave and tunnel days. if that helps.
  11. Trying to figure out where to go tonight. Its either Crobar or Pacha. I have never heard either Dj spin. So which one plays harder beats ??? (if at all)
  12. Maybe, but I'm talking about the kids who went out with a change of clothes. Liquiding their asses off all night. Hell, it totally was not my scene but even the guidos in SF who swung the glowsticks on the strings were good. Everyone now complains about glowsticks and I don't blame them after seeing the morons who carry them around, making lame ass attempts at using them.
  13. Dress code for Crobar

    How can I be going into a NYC club and make my mom proud all at the same time ???
  14. Going to Crobar this friday for Deepdish. Whats the dress code like ???
  15. I went out for the first time in a few years over halloween to hear Teneglia. I hated the music. Nothing happened all night. Teneglia's big move was turning the base so far up that it got distorted for a few seconds ??? Yet it seemed everyone was liking the music. To me it felt like the whole scene and the music somehow got set back 10 years and needs to rebuild itself all over again. What ever happend to everyone just dancing and not facing the DJ ??? and where the hell did everyone go who could dance ??? seems like the whole crowd just shuffles in there spot and are happy about it.