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  1. Does anyone know when tickets will be made available for this event? Is there even a flyer yet with a list of all DJ's. Is the set-up similar to Nikki Beach in Miami in which we can rent the cabanas for the day?
  2. So this is definitely confirmed.... JP is starting his 12 hour set at Noon?
  3. JP goes off at 2am, doesn't Temps close at 3am on Sundays?
  4. Paul Oakenfold opinons?

    Best Oakie set ever is this: Live @ the Rojam - Shanghai, China (9.26.99) 2 hour set. That was when he was in his prime!!
  5. Sasha Review @ Crobar

    SASHA is GOD!!!!! Best night I've had in a long time - only complaint was late night in the main room it was WAYYYYY too hot and I found myself constantly having to go to the bamboo room to breathe. Spektrum - kinda new..... one of my favorites, I remeber he dropped that last time with Diggers on March 12th. But this night was all in all better in my opinion.
  6. Randall Jones was REALLY good!!!! What was everyone's thoughts on Pappa?
  7. whats up @ AVALON this weekend???

    Soul Seek has a lot of their stuff and even Kazaa has a bit. Not sure how you cannot find anything????
  8. Arc

    :laugh: :laugh:
  9. Gabriel & Dresden Who's going?

    Go on Soul Seek and download some a their shit. A good one would be this 2 Hour Set Gabriel & Dresden - Live on Trancesphere Birthday Bash (02-08-2004) The beginning is sooooooo good!!!!!!!!!
  10. Sander Kleinenberg @ CROBAR 04-09-04

    Best set of 2004 you say..... What about Sasha & Digweed??? Shit was off the hook ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!
  11. Danny [email protected]

    YES - there will be a liquor license that night