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  1. My new toy

    that is the retailer, the manufacturer is th epeople who make it which is probably on a tag underneath but it's okay. I'l find it. I'm a sex toy retailer so I need to find where to get them wholesale. I really like that!! oh and for the other post. I have tried a swing. Make sure it is mounted solidly and they are GREAT. I try out as many of my products as I can. It's a rough job but someone has to do it.
  2. Favorite brand of lube?

    I have been trying the different lubes I carry on the website lately and I definatly have a choice. EROS!!!! I can not say enough about this stuff it's fan fucking tastic. It is set and super slippery but not thich and slimey like ky or many of the others. It is not cheap but it is super concentrated. One or two small drops is all you need. It feels like silk and does not stick to everything like ky. I am definatly partial to it. Climax is also good. Check out my website if you want some. 12% discount code for everyone on this site is "cplanet"
  3. Anal Sex.. Let's Discuss

    Slow and tons of lube is all I can say. I'm big enough to the point where I have had few successfull atempts at it. and the tip is good, start small (pinky) and work up to it
  4. My new toy

    I don't sell that perticular item but it looks real nice. I have swings and stuff like that though. If anybody wants any sex toys visit my site. I have a coupon code "cplanet" for you guys. it's 12% off $30 and over orders. www.discountedadulttoys.com you need to email me the manufacturer of that seat so I can get them candyroll
  5. should i feel like a sick, twisted pervert

    She's hot, definatly not sick. If you want sick you should see the stuff some people buy from my site.