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  1. Nyc Ordinance..3/22/04

    wait Um, what is it saying exactly, sorry I can't comprehend. IM kinda high, damn dumb bong. anyway. IS it saying that like Electronic music is gonna get popular? "A new report predicts a boom in the European digital-music market."
  2. Opinions on Spirit?

    uhh....I have verizon, very good service I must say. But anyway......let's disregard that post. Anyone else?
  3. Opinions on Spirit?

    Well I've heard mostly good things, but I'd like to hear what everyone has to say, so pour em on me . I really want to check out Spirit.
  4. Black.... whos going this Saturday????

    stfu bbboom your a huge hypocrit. You comke in ranting and raving of how Black was awesome, and shit, then when people say it was horrible, you sudilleny change and hate JP and people that are going to Black. I bet you didnt even goto black!
  5. Searching for technoclubs in new york...

    Roxy, Avalon, Crobar, Black/Exit(MAYBE) (if its not closed)
  6. How Was The Holocaust Furnace?

    Not to be a Dick or anything, but you posted a thread about how coool Black was, referring it to as "sick sick sick". Now you dont like it? hmm
  7. Ok what exactly is G and relate it to another drug...to compare too, is it like Acid, IS it acid? Sorry but i hear everyone that goes to clubs taking about it "man the G'ed out fool is sucj a retard for taking G" and im just wondering WTF is G? Btw cool slide show, and that shit is messed up.
  8. Black SHUT DOWN

    ^ totally true.
  9. By all these Double posts, I assume the server is fuckin up for everyone? cuz it is for me, and yes this I agree with the post.
  10. Black SHUT DOWN

    hey trance, you on Clubplanet and Tranceaddict? haha crazy stuff.
  11. Black SHUT DOWN

    Yeah that seroiously sucks, WTF are these people doing fucking it up in the FIRST NIGHT??? God some people just piss me off, now they are gonna crack down on the rest of the clubs in NYC.
  12. Omg Black Was Just Sooo Sick

    Enough of this, HOW WAS IT??!! ANYYONE?? lol ah screw it, im going to bed ill be back in 4 hours to see some reviews, G'night all.
  13. Get to Black Early !

    yeah you know JP always fried on Meth, thats enough to keep him going till 9pm the next day, hes a machine!
  14. Omg Black Was Just Sooo Sick

    come on people we need some reviews, PLEASEEEE....
  15. black you got to be fn kidding me

    Black is Club Exit right? ITs where Club Exit used to be?