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  1. Who ever had sex @ tunnel??

    LOL. You are one pathetic person. I almost feel sorry for you. Almost but not quite. lol.
  2. Who ever had sex @ tunnel??

    hey man, if he likes to fuck trannies, them more power to him! like we give a shit about it. lol
  3. I was at pacha the other day and I saw a white and black couple doing drugs. I was like "WTF!!! someone swore only asians did drugs". What is this world coming to. I suggest you stay in Baldwin, NY. Build a big wall around your neighborhood and never leave please.
  4. parties have gone underground again. shitty parties full of guidos and jersey/long island crowds killed the scene. its better this way. let the guidos and clueless jersey/LI kids go to whatever they call this space...twilo, tunnel, whatever. they'll just think they're cool hanging in a place just cuz of the name. meanwhile, the parties they don't know about will be hoppin'.
  5. SASHA at LOVE this sunday!

    nah, it's a hoax.
  6. Sasha & Digweed @ Mansion

    digweed was kinda boring. Sasha was pretty good though.
  7. i heard digweed was kinda boring at WMC. He and sasha typically play the same stuff as down in wmc when they come to nyc right after. can't say that i'm too excited. If only sasha was coming with him...
  8. take enough pills and even polka sounds good.
  9. don't worry. Crobar staff don't let asian people in so you'll be just fine.
  10. Crobar still not letting Asians in their club?
  11. crobar August Line-Up!

    I wonder if they are letting asians in now. It makes you wonder which month of the year they resort back to racism.
  12. And how do you know it was some dude from the projects rather than some rich italian kid from jersey?
  13. NYC afterhours

    jersey e-thuggin' gotta love it
  14. DJ'ing in New York City

    beibng a DJ is NYC that is "mainstream" is not as tough if you are strictly house. NYC has 1000000 lounges and small clubs. If you play mainstream, there are a lot more opportunities.
  15. Who went to Deep Dish last night?

    Paul Woolford has got to be the best opener I've heard in a long time. He could have easily headlined. Ali tore it up from beginning to end. He played hard, melodic and funky all at the same time.