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  1. Tuesday night

    the airloom guys have taken over tuesdays at PM- that might be pretty good.
  2. question about cellar bar tonite

    definitely come through, tonight should be fun
  3. Kaskade and Colette

    unfortunately kaskade and colette's flight from toronto was just cancelled. and we are working on rescheduling them hopefully for sometime within the next few weeks. benke and the down deep guys are going to throw down together- no charge no door person even for that matter. so if you wanna come get sloppy for the hell of it and catch some funky local flavor swing on by. trust me, this sucks for me way more than anyone else. im really sorry for the let down im off to canal for about 20 drinks, come through if have the itch- we're going to try and make the most of it.
  4. MARQUES WYATT returns to cielo on the 24th

    canal room : cheaper and 3 djs for the price of one. last time wyatt was at cielo was an absolute snooze fest.
  5. Kaskade and Colette

    yeah- that aint bad at all
  6. Kaskade and Colette

    gonna be such a good night of funky beats. looking forward to it.
  7. Calderone, Chus & Ceballos and Randy Bettis

    chus and ceballos are playing again in nyc on thurs. march 31. more details to follow.
  8. Chris & Kai...

    music will be off the hizzle fo shizzle bizzles. yes i am a dork- but i am bigger than all of you.
  9. The Scumfrog @ Quo, Thu 2/17

    come join ******************* in conjunction with District Ent. and Reach Prod. as we begin our new party at one of NYC's finest venues, Quo (www.******.com). Quo is the perfect venue to host a house music event and is now ready to set it off this thursday february 17th, with world reknowned dj The Scumfrog. The Scumfrog has produced remixes for artists like david bowie, britney spears, missy elliott and annie lennox. In the summer of 2004 he release his first artist alblum entitled "Simmer"- released on his own label, Effin Records. After having recently spent some time with the Scumfrog in his studio, I can say that he has to be one of the hardest working dj/producers in the business. He has been working steadfastly on signing local notable djs such Cevin Fisher and Carl Kennedy and producing some serious tracks with them. We were lucky enough to hear some of the tracks that are ready to be released at this year's Winter Music Conference. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that at least one of them is going to be one of the top 3 tracks to be released @ the wmc. The only other djs that have a copy of the track besides the Scumfrog are Sander Kleinenberg and Steve Lawler- who have been rocking dancefloors with this bomb since they got their hands on it. Quo is up for "Best New Sound System" award by Club Systems magazine - so you know the sound has to be proper. The decor is sexy and sleek and the crowd in known to be as well. So definitely make an effort to come and check this party out. We have our own door person working the door, so dont worry about it being overly pretentious. So leave your inhibitions at home and be ready party. Feel free to PM me or check out www.*******************.net for details -
  10. nic who?

    you are a stupid little man.
  11. Porter,Romero,Tomiie,[email protected] room

    satoshi had his wisdom teeth yanked on wed. and he was a little under the weather, it says a lot about his character that he even came out. i think the party was great and we made a considerable amount on $ to donate the ARC. it was great that so many people suckd it up and made it out despite the frigid weather. it was also nice to see support from so many other djs, david morales, the scumfrog ect. awsome night overall.
  12. porter 11-12 - open bar hec romero 12-1 satoshi 1-2 les- til close
  13. NEW YORK UNDERGROUND UNITES Dance Local Think Global™ to benefit the American Red Cross DJs: Satoshi Tomiie, Hector Romero, Steve Porter & The Low End Specialists Hosted by East Side Productions, DEF Mix, SAW.Recordings, Global Underground, Plexi PR, Rhythmism.com, Reach Productions, District Entertainment, Exit 9 & Canal Room Thursday, January 27, 2005 Canal Room 285 West Broadway @ Canal Street 212.941.8100 Open Bar 11pm – 12am Doors 11pm – 4am $10 Minimum Donation The New York electronic dance music scene is uniting for one special night at Canal Room (285 West Broadway) to help provide relief to those affected by the December 26 Tsunami in Asia and Africa. For one special night, all the artists have donated their services and 100% of the door proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross. Canal Room has generously donated their space and a one hour open bar to kick off the night. Please join us in this important cause and be thankful for the friends, dancing & music that we can all share, while we help those in need. We’d like to thank all those who donated their time, money & efforts in advance for this important cause. All proceeds are to benefit the American Red Cross International Response Fund for the victims affected by the tsunamis and the humanitarian crisis they have created in South Asia and East Africa. The immediate American Red Cross focus is on getting lifesaving help to millions affected by the tsunamis
  14. JP @ Spirit every other Saturday?

    right. but you miss 24 hr sets at sf. youre probably a straightshooter. if you dont do drugs, why do you miss the afterhours? 7:30- 8 am isnt good enough. you must drink alot of redull. and yes music styles havechanged, jp's not too much.
  15. JP @ Spirit every other Saturday?

    in what way? more juice, less body hair? there's a reason that richard went to jail and a bunch of staff members got arrested. can people please stop confusing drug induced hazes with "vibe" - thanks. this is such a crock of shit. when did you do more drugs? 3-4 yrs ago at sf or now at spirit,( wich is purple and admittedly disneylandish?) its the same freaking dj that has played every friday for the last 6 yrs or so- he even plays alot of the same tracks, why even bother with the baseless argument. you grew up a little. bottom line. i used to love pvd - he's the same, so is his crowd, but im getting old and dont hallucinate on the reg., so yes now those types of parties seem like dog shit to me. but its cus ive changed and so has everyone else that is now 26 -30 hoping that a new twilo/vinyl/sf will open. shit aint happening though, right?