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  1. ??????question Mark Answer In A Timely Fashion You Silly Queer
  2. lmf Remember when Jesse had the speed problem and she's singing I'M SO EXCITED I'M SO EXCITED! I'M SO... I'M JUST SO SCARED! Seriously, Zach was very supportive.
  3. In their hearts he was, you bastard.
  4. I heard somewhere that blahston traded for Bladergroen to use as bait for Ben Sheets at the July deadline this year.
  5. wow,what the hell is wrong with the Mets? It seems like every year they trade away a top prosp for some average middle of the road type player. The mets gave up their top first base prospect for a guy blahston didn't even want in the first place. what the fuck is going on here? this feels like the Huber trade last year when they gave up another top prospect for little in return. Mientkiewicz is coming off of his worst season since, I believe, his rookie year 5 years ago. What did he bat? like .240 combined with blahston and minnesota? congrats Met fans, your hero Minaya traded away your top first base prosp for a guy who was used as a late inning replacement in the playoffs.
  6. 'drcocks' wow, are you gonna be here all week?
  7. I think the middle one. Anyway, I got my hair highlighted today because I feel some strands are more important than the others.
  8. Your friend's nose is small, btw.
  9. You silly twat, I'm not a fake screen name. I was simply curious why you don't have any pictues displaying your teeth. btw, you are=you're. Your= the possessive form of 'you.' You are in college, correct?
  10. Any reason why 'ladyshady' doesn't show any teeth when smiling?
  11. Well it all depends on who you're talking to. I've heard many arguments on who is the best pitcher of all time. And Johnson and Maddux are always part of the debate. Maddux' numbers in the 90's are gaudy. He was definitely dominating. Also, how about Walter Johnson? Bob Gibson?
  12. Why is everyone saying this? He's Doug Brien, not Adam Vinatieri. That kick was anything but a gimmie. Hadn't he missed a kick earlier in the game? Why was Herm Edwards playing it so fucking conservatively? Everyone knows that it is not a kicker's field.
  13. Pedro was indeed one of the best in his peak. I don't know if he was better than Greg Maddux, Nolan Ryan, Koufax, or Randy Johnson.
  14. Definitely consider Buenos Aires. I'm not a tourist guide so I won't try and sell you. But the place is sooo inexpensive. And I had an unbelievable time.
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