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  1. New Date Help

    I am planning on meeting someone at "The Met" next week , but I want to make a good first impression although it is an art museum , but I don't want to be over the top or demure .Any suggestions on what to wear /not wear ?
  2. Seersucker Help!!!!!!!!!!

    if i only knew how to post pics I would so be on my way to a vrtual outfit with online stylists.thanx for your concern anyway.
  3. Seersucker Help!!!!!!!!!!

    I need help in getting together an outfit for a party soon aboard a boat.This is my first time and I do not know if dress pants are appropriate or only long dresses.I just bought a seersucker dress(blue and white),but I don't know what kind of accessories specifically shoes it can be worn with or if its altogether too casual for that sort of affair.ANY help is greatly appreciated.
  4. must haves...

    ankelet, fake tattoos (ice breaker), fake engagment ring(for blocking unecessary pests and weeding out whos respectful and who's not),pimpish shades,killer smile,dynamite shoes, and bag.
  5. White Blazer Help

    I need some help here, I just bought a white blazer and I dont know what I should wear under it. A camisole or halter/tank top or nice top?Any suggestions are welcome including colors or type of pants to be worn with would help. Thannx
  6. outfit makers or breakers

    Hey, ladies and gents what have you seen the opposite sex wear, that either made or killed an outfit that otherwise had potential?
  7. Aladdin..

    Why is it that some cartoons look better than some people do in real life.My friend and I had nothing better to do so we were watching Aladdin and commenting on everything, from the way that Jasmine resembles J.lo in the abs and the 6os ponytail to the fact that she has no pantylines (*blushing- sighs woefully *"this is what happens when you are unemployed and have to much time oin your'e hands), I want to know what is her secret under those baggy pants does she wear a g-string ,thong, or forgoes any of those options because of the desert heat? (cause their is no camel toe-get it?)Am I the only one that has ever cared to wonder that when these cartoons go on their honeymoon,they never express worry over birth control options -especially those two cause they seemed type frisky.Those baggy pants Aladdin wears look like they give Jasmine ez access to aladdins treasures especially when they give him a certain sense of street cred.Its funny how shapely she looks and everything from the way that she wares her hair to her shape and jewelry have not represented anything that I have seen.
  8. People in the city wear WAAAY too much black

    it is a NYer thing, we as a people claim to be so hard and risk takers we are so scared when it comes to experimenting with color.Nevertheless, I too am guilty of participating in this trend?, but it is because with black you will always come out looking elegant , it makes the bling pop out even more (with the contrast), you wont ever have to worry about being the laughing stock of certain trendy colors ,such as the wretched bubble gum pepto bismol pink from last season -most of you'all know that if it was not in style you would never consider wearing pink again,without expecting a snide comment from your friends.Black also,helps deflest the stain you pick up left behind from the bums on mass transit, thats if you are not already leaving home with cat fur allover you(mmmmeeeooooooowwwwwwwww).Black is also the best color to use when making a first impression anywhere, because No One cannot claim to have at least one article of black clothing in their closet.
  9. 2004 Awards!

    Fave designer of the year.........Tracey Reese,Eli Saab,Alessandro Dell'Acqua Worst designer of the year............Lamb,Fetish,Baby Phat Fave overall brand............. Worst overall brand.........J.LO Best trend.......crunchy elastic top /maternity looking dresses that Juicy COUTURE ran away with. Worst trend....If you are a NewYorker like I am ,you have seen the Nanook of The North and Pocohantas boots,ethnic armbands( not meant for everyone) Fave dressy brand..........Cavalli,Armani Fave casual brand.......... Aeropostale,Bennetton,Urban Outfitters Fave athletic brand....Puma,Nike,Diesel Fave shoe brand....Louboutin,Sascha,Zanotti,Chareles David,Enzo Angiolini Fave bag brand...Coach Fave new perfume/cologne....Pure Poison by Christian Dior What trends do you hope to see in 2005...a mix of buissness chic thrown in with a few elements of sexy accessories.