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  1. Vampress has been through a good portion of the board.

    on halloween do they dress up like thier 30 year old goth wannabe mom? do the sleep in little coffins?
  2. Vampress has been through a good portion of the board.

    oh shit im sorry. cant be koky. the real daddy is dracula!
  3. Vampress has been through a good portion of the board.

    cept for her tits and who her babys' daddy really is. koky!
  4. Review: JP @ CPI's ??? This past sunday?

    sweet chest shave kid
  5. Chinese spooks: A growing Red menace

    same thing as a black chink
  6. DT @ Discoteque and @ Asseteria

    did somebody say TRANCE?
  7. Next Club website to get Shut Down in NYC

  8. >CHRiS LIEBING!!! ROLL CALL! 05/14

    thanxs bro , but your da playboy smooth with all the movez i heard about you , and even saw it with my two eyes . you get down hard and smooth all at the same time , on top of it got great movez.......
  9. Attn all EDM Producers

    lol, dude why are you so cynical and down on yourself? i raz you here and there just as a goof... i have no beef with your gigs or your sets... shit i even went to from all the way uptown to all the way down town in the middle of the night for one of your gigs bombed and in the rain... man ask juli for a tampon get over the rag and bring back al... wtf ... (but more importantly if youd like to know i havent been going out much at all because in the past month i spent a great deal of money and would like to save up some shit before i go spending it on hoochies, poochies, coochies and doochies...)
  10. Kelly Osbourne @ Roxy?

    try PMing nomembername. he said that he was there lately and im sure he knows alot of gay sites also. hes THE man your looking for
  11. April Jams

    sweet chest and arms. what are you? 12 ?
  12. Where is Coco?

    did he really leave?
  13. Gabo gets girls by putting furry rodents in his ass...

    the one that basically said you are a slore
  14. Do the CP guys.....

    hey rollrgrl....how bout you roll off a fucking cliff?