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  1. What Do You Do For Work??

    broker for soon to cease to exist train wreck of a company- Bear Stearns...anybody hiring out there ? P.S fuck JP Morgan, we all know you've been drooling for this opportunity forever. assholes.
  2. Brett Favre retires...

    ...personally i think he overstayed his welcome by a couple of months. time to hang 'em up jack ! And i also think he retired after a sensational season because the packers didnt sign randy moss...i dont care what he or anybody says. i think the club was done with him holding them hostage.
  3. The Mitchell Report !

    at this point i think its obvious the rocket juiced up. i dont think he's simply accused by association, he was rumored to be a doper for a long time now.even though jose started the roid avalanche debacle, he too is known to be a habitual liar. i believe clemens and his wife were at the party contrary to what he said at the congressional hearing. but i'm glad i havent heard anything about the rocket on sportscenter for awhile now..... hope it stays that way.
  4. The Mitchell Report !

    ...highly unlikely, did you see how the republicans went after McNamee like a monster. I'm waiting for the Jose Cansecos' party pic where the rocket is holding a tall cold one. This guy doesnt know when to quit.....but i blame his idiot lawyer (the one that looks and talks like Jerry Jones)
  5. Scott Boras

    a-rod sure had a choice of words regarding boras, has he forgotten that thats the same guy who got him the richest sports contract in american sports.... short term memories i tell ya...
  6. Amanda Beard to appear in Playboy..

    the pics are hot, but they are too damned airbrushed they look fake..oh well, pretty hot btw.
  7. The Mitchell Report !

    ^^ lol
  8. quênia new rwanda?

    ...ummm....let me try again, you suck at the english language...
  9. quênia new rwanda?

    let me guess, english isnt your first language.
  10. The Mitchell Report !

    now that he has to testify at the congressional hearing, he's fucked.
  11. The Mitchell Report !

    lol. i knew it was a matter of time
  12. The Mitchell Report !

    I dont remember being a redsox fan...maybe in my previous life. I'm a marlins fan, you know, the team that has a firesale every 5 years...yeah, that one.
  13. The Mitchell Report !

    I honestly think this Mitchell report isnt a full representation of the # of juicers in MLB. Far from it ! I think the number Jose Canseco says might be just about right (over 70%) And what I cant comprehend is how Jose implies that A-Rod is a cheat and A-Rod doesnt even sue him for libel or defamation of character. For chrissakes, even top doper Sammy Sosa didnt even appear in the report!! Anybody with a half a brain would have done so. But then again, there might be some truth to it. We all chastisized Barry Bonds for his steroid use to help him shatter baseball's all time records, but at the same token, we (media & fans) give the newly outed phonies the benefit of the doubt. Anybody still thinks that asterisks should be stuck in this generation player stats ? What about those guys who amassed records during the minority barred era....should they be tagged too ? This thing opens up a can of worms nobody wants to deal with. One columnist said it best: What the HOF should do is let the records stand BUT with a cliffnote at the beginning stating that the records were achieved during differtent eras with controversies and let the fan/viewer decide on who's great or not Just because Clemens was erroneously mentioned in the media in a different federal inquiry doesnt make him innocent, I believe he's been a doper for a long time. Lets forget this doping thing and focus back on the sport. Just my opinion.
  14. The Mitchell Report !

    Dont you think its kinda "funny" that most athletes caught or suspected of using performance enhancing drugs always have that unique excuse that they were recovering from some injury ? Where do they draw the line of recovery and abuse ? My guess is that they dont care...lotsa $$ is at stake. Andy is no exception...he cheated and got caught..wanna bet he wont show next season ?? I'm sorry, Rick-The-Amazing-Ankiel is a cheat too... a good hollywood ending is giving him a break....not me tho.... he's a cheat thru & thru!!
  15. Mayweather vs. Hatton-"UNDEFEATED"-Viewing Party!!!

    :laugh: u just made my nite... lol