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  1. Verdict reached in Jackson trial!!!

    Lamont belives dat all brothas should be free.
  2. Where in the world is Lamont White???

    Lamont has been chiilin on da west coast for a bit. Lamot has been adutiioning to be in Big Brother. Its been a completated process but I do belive dat they want to Lamont-a-size da show. Its lookin good. They even had Momma come out to meet da producers. Lamont will be back in Miami soon. Lamont wants to spend mo time in MIA.
  3. Happy Monday Bitches! (yes u 2 Lamont White)

    Lamont thinks dat little digitoal-man is on to somthing here. A spanish-english dicktionary might be useful
  4. Lamont Is Back!

    Lamont feels dat due to heavy consomeption of alcahol Lamonts postin time suffers.
  5. Lamont Is Back!

    Lamont undstands and appreciates.
  6. Happy Monday Bitches! (yes u 2 Lamont White)

    Lamont woke up late today and thus i am late in readin dis. Thaks for da greetin little funk man. and happy monday to you. Lamont is headin out to da beach to chill and look at da lvoely lazidsz.
  7. Lamont Is Back!

    Lamonts momma used to say dont lead your life so malicious cause den you cant be Lamont-O-licious
  8. How could Space have the balls?

    Lamont has already told you little funk-man - Lamont dont play wit boyz but respecks yo lifestye arrangemetns.
  9. How could Space have the balls?

    Lamont's fav Mel movie is Young Frankenstein. Dats da best of dem all.
  10. Attn: Vampress

    Lamont was once assked by a lady if Lamont smokes after havin sex. Lamont answered, "Lamont dont know 'cause Lamont never looked".
  11. Lamont Is Back!

    Lamont is sad to Cee yo gigus-interuptus mr. J. But how is my peach weddin cake doin?
  12. Attn: Vampress

    Lamont is glad to see dat you changed yo post little cracka boy. Dat was no proper to say to a ladie. Even a vamp.
  13. Lamont Is Back!

    Lamont is back and by the readin of yo posts you lame cracak asses miss my Lamont-O-Licious presents
  14. omgwtf

    Lamonts affection fo Nadia increased from dis here post.
  15. Lamont on Marrage

    Lamont recived his first message on dis bord from a lady who wanst to marry. Lamont appreicates yo invitaion to exhcage vowes. But for Lamont to only share him self wit one women for a lifetime is selfish for all da otha ladiz. I wont post yo name or usa ID but Lamont is flatterd by yo offa and appreicats all love.