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  1. Song ID

    need some help on a track male voice starts with "put you down so deep " makes me feel so real " it sounds like hard house or maybe techno..... i got a mix here not to long ago and can remember who from but the last song was copacaban and then mix into this one wich was cut off... song sounds hot ... thanjk for the help
  2. Heart Remixes

    WOW... Heart ? what ever did happen to them ...i seen them in concert like 15 years ago with John Cuger Mellon Camp... they had the hottes guitar player... she was good player to...... I dont think that i you will find anything from them here.... i would try P2P networks ......
  3. Please help

    Thanks man for the help .... Could not find what this song was and i love to play it...people go crazy ....
  4. Mynt feat Kim Sozzi - Stay (Valentin Mix)

    is it possibel to send my way aswell? thanks [email protected]
  5. Please help

    please help ...anyone know it?
  6. Please help

    could anyone identify this track for me? It has been mixed by a DJ , but i wasnt sure what the songs was titled as ... thanks for the help.. Hope that the track is ok.... I had to down grade it to be able to post it ...
  7. Song Id

    thanks for the help
  8. Song Id

    anyone can help me with this song ID.. goes something like this "Sometimes the sound of good bye is louder then any drum beat" it's a female singer techno/rave thanks for any help
  9. Boris

    Ok i'm new here and have been reading alot of posts ..good stuff I noticed the not many fans of DJ boris here... I am looking for the old KTU Sanctuary play lists ( dj boris stuff ). So if any of you might have these older play list. could post them or may a link to them ? Thanks for all the help... PS I did check his site but he has nothing posted from KTU.
  10. Help please...

    Anyone know were i may be able to download the KTU boris dub? I have been looking everywere but can seem to find anyone with the KTU mixs.. Please help .. Thanks