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  1. For all the guys who are anti make-up...

    Funny how all of you feed into this stuff, as I do not peruse these boards too much I only call it as I see it, and from an outsider point of view it is just as I see it. Even if the dude is looking for attention, spreading hate is exactly the wrong way to win over the crowd. Listen to Loletta Holloway kidz.. What goes around comes around, What goes up must come down, What comes around goes around, The things you do come back to you. Just my .02 cents but after 11 years on the scene, music is the answer to your problems, keep on movin and you can solve them. Just remember..listen to the words, the message is clear if you pay attention, its the rules of this existence. Peace
  2. For all the guys who are anti make-up...

    Dude - Get a life and realize that the world isn't all about you! Hate breeds hate and you are exactly the reason why he is everything that is right about the scene. Thanks for proving this for all of us by just opening your mouth. Peace
  3. JP Earlier Today @ Therapy

    Well I decided to stay in Providence and check out JP's set instead of that dreaded train ride to NYC especially now that the Acela's are out of service for a while. Slept til just after 2am and then proceeded to wake up partner after 3am to get ready. We arrived there shortly before 5am to what turned out to be the longest line I have seen at Therapy. The place was rockin even from standing on the outside where I believe it was almost 5:30 when we finally got it. The downstairs was empty as usual so we headed to the 2nd floor and what a mob scene. The place was packed to the gills still and the place was so hot there was actually that haze you see often in NYC nightclubs from all the vapor in the air. The beats were solid and the energy was pretty decent for Providence. I totally tore it up when I was finally able to find a spot where it wasn't in constant use as a walkway. Lights were great for Therapy, as soon as I looked up I knew JP brings his own lighting cause it was a smaller version of what used to be used at SF rising and lowering all night and then tilting. It really gave the place a great auric glow. Surprisingly, this was my first JP event live and being a Junior diehard for the last 9 years I have to admit the man brings in the crowds and plays some sick beats. He definitely likes to warp the vocals in almost all of the songs. My only criticism is that I notice that his songs build and build and when the track finally drops I hardly felt like the floor fell, I mean 45-60 seconds of beats followed by endless peaks seemed like the songs really didn't allow one to really tear ass on the floor. All the same though I did enjoy hearing some crazy old shit as well as new. We stayed until about just after 8am, which felt like an eternity anyway by then. I decided once I saw the creeps and lurkers left over buggin and watchin (you know what I mean) people who were still dancin, I figured I had my fill for the evening. Heard: Show Me - Suzanne Palmer (grooved to this outside waiting to get in) All This Time - JP feat Syler Logan Shined on Me - Praise Cats (crazy madness - the vocals were so marbled the first half of the song, you know what I mean, you know the beats and then all of a sudden the light bulb goes on and your sick with enjoyment) More later but my brain is fried! Mikey PS: Some noteworthy items: Security needs to chill on the second floor, or at least be a little more professional. Pushing people into a already maxed capacity room to keep them out of the doorway only causes additional people to get hurt. Secondly, please people use ample anti-persperant when clubbing, this was a total pet peeve all night. Never have I been surrounded by so much bad BO. Come on people, your not gonna leave with anyone hot smelling like that. Lastly, to the group in front of us outside, sorry but all is fair is clubland voyeurism. 5:15 to the girl who obviously thought she was not going to have to wait long to get in and decided to begin right before entrance and had to wait. Gurl, thank your friends today and for the next couple weeks, your really are lucky they were there for you this morning. If only more people had friends like this the world would be a better place.
  4. Dance Music Causes Injury, LOL

    Have to agree with you here, I have been having ankle problems for about the last 2-3 years from all that moving and groovin. I just cant stop so I'll take some self-masochism over not groovin and movin any day. M
  5. Jonathan Peters This Saturday !!!

    I was really considering this party since it is right here in Providence only 5 min away and since I have never seen/heard JP live, but I am still debating whether or not to hit Junior, who I have frequented over the past 9 years, since it is a friends birthday this weekend and I know I will be reprimanded for skipping it. Oh well I will know by Sat. LOL
  6. anyone know if jr. is still @ spirit

    At this point I wouldn't even buy into any of the heresay that you are seeing on "other" boards. Personally, I never get too excited over the website being offline since this seems to happen randomly every year or two. Not sure if you were around but the previous message board disappeared back right around when Earth ended. (?) Personally, I think that with all the changes going on in nightlife and the rotation all the DJ's from one venue to another you are bound to keep seeing unforseen changes to come. We all just gotta "Keep on, Keep it on."
  7. Tribal House record store

    You may also be able to use the following. I have been looking around this site and there seems to be some credible stuff worth investing in: Deca Dance Records Mikey
  8. Junior Vasquez Quits WKTU

    LOL, that is hilarious. Junior's sound has hardly been Madonnaesque since back in the Factory. Me thinks that you need to reevaluate.
  9. Junior Vasquez Quits WKTU

    Sorry but I do have to rebutt this statement. Anyone who went to Junior regularly at Earth can attest to the fact that the Darryl and Fernando have always been very particular at the door regardless of the venue Junior has played at and there has always been ample hetero's let in. Tunnel, Arena at Palladium, Twilo and Earth always had an abundant diversity within it. I think that it was more like the whole security/management situation that was the root of all the evil at Earth, and they did not discriminate between straight or gay when the decided to flex their muscles.
  10. I unfortunately had to work through Thursday afternoon, so I ended up boarding a plane early Friday morning to have a few days of madness. First off could anyone have asked for better weather for the weekend? Anyways, we hit deepa suenos (Free - Open Bar) Friday afternoon down at the Sagamore Hotel which turned out to be a very relaxed and groovin' venue. The sights and sounds were very relaxed and chill not to mention the Absolut open bars. We only stayed about 2 hours but it definitley was a really nice event. I took note that when we arrived which was maybe 4ish, the staff actually halted letting more people in. We were pleasantly surprised to find when we did make it to the pool area that the crowd was light and sociable. The atmosphere was controlled but in a way that let people mingle, eat and cocktail without it turning into a debaucle. The music was just what we needed to ease us through the late afternoon for what would transpire later on. Moving on, the debaucle of the night turned out to be when we made the casual mistake of strolling down to "Nikki Beach." We arrived down there I have to say 7 or so and there were two lines. "Free" does mean free and the "Herd" desperately trying to get the attention to breeze on by the many gawkers that were in line was more than enough proof of my point. The crowd's roar was just madness standing outside trying to get in. It was really creating a buzz that I thought was totally without merit once we got through the doors. Lying inside though was a total trash pit, with bottle piled around trees, with people sitting right in the middle of the filth that lay around them. The place was packed solid and people were getting nastier by the minute, mainly due to overwhelming amount of alcohol consumed combined with the heat. I will just say that the music was fantastic at first, but my partner and me thought there had to be something wrong with the sound system because it was defnitly not as loud as while we remained outside the venue. Turns out soon thereafter Pete Tong was announcing there was no problem but that law enforcement ordered them to turn it down or they were shutting it off. Total bummer since it was only maybe 9:30-10:00 and that party was supposed to continue well through the night. Taking that as our cue to leave, we headed out to get move on with our night. Later we headed on over to Tribal Madness at Sobe Live ($25 at door), arriving just before midnight to hear Peter Zouk we definitely were anticipating a slammin' night. It was really a bummer there crowd was so scarce early on since he was really workin' the beats. I really was enjoying the venue, but with so few people I was not gonna burn myself out without being able to enjoy the surprises later on. The venue itself inside, if you haven't experience it was nicely lit with a great long bar alongside the right side of the room with ample space to move freely about without disturbing the floor revelers. The dancefloor covered the other 3/4 of the floor with most of the sound system in the front and rear left corners or the floor. Behind and slightly above the floor was a VIP area and also the Bass boxes that the Gurls used to show off their hot boots and bods. The back rooms led to plush seating areas leaving yourself totally able to carry on conversation while also enjoying the filtering of the lurking beats out on the floor. Bathrooms were small but definitley clean and maintained. Later on Behrouz came on which was apparrent but the total lack of vocals, lighting was finally being and the energy was finally starting to build. He was on I would say until about 2:00 when the place totally freakin exploded into a full on TILT. Being my first time hearing Palash live I was really excited and the electricity in the room left me in somewhat of an awe. He worked the hell out of all of us, bustin out his new mix of "Pump Up the Jam" which had everybody hollering and I even saw a few boyz with hands in the air. By this time there was no more using the side walks as traveling space, it was now officially dance floor. Be Yourself, and so on and so forth, this party was jumpin and bumpin and groovin' all around. People were just crowding in and it really made for a fabulous night, albeit that it seemed to be a very strong majority of locals vs conference goers. I had to leave finally after much dismay at 4:30 since my legs were so cramped I couldnt even hop. Thanks for werkin' the sweat out of me all Friday!
  11. Party Reviews?

    I have to agree that the deepa suenos venue was really a great time. I only was there for about 2 hours, but the music really was just what I needed to push into the late afternoon.
  12. Thanks...Just trying to accentuate the postitive!
  13. I find it quite ridiculous that after all this time people still attach all these conclusions to Junior and Junior's Crowd. I know what you are thinking, Junior screws over his crowd and they are disappearing from his base, they've done so many drugs that they are not in the scene any more..blah blah blah. Let's face some reality here folks: Junior's parties including his base have been sculpted ebbs and flows over the years like everything else in life. Many people that go to Junior do also go to numerous other venues and support many DJ's. This whole notion that it is Junior's followers that get clubs shut down is just a scapegoat way of everyone not accepting the blame that is deserving to all. Sure, there are people who partake in certain activities to enhance their evening and most of us have to deal with some of the more toxic folks once in a while, but they are in every club, in every city/country in the world. That is the power of human nature. In light of the recent developments regarding the whole Roxy debaucle, I think it is just par for the course for all the negative folks to project the blame onto Junior as it has always been easy to blame him and his revelers for everything that does not go right when he is even remotely involved in these situations. Funny, since I think that the crowd that Junior plays too has a little more experience in these ebbs and flows in clubland and take these changes more or less as an opportunity to "reinvent the wheel" so to speak. In this age of instant gratification, a DJ with any type of longeveity has to visit the idea of recreating or possibly evolving their sound. True also that not all crowds from one party will continue through to the next but that is life, it is everchanging. Peter Rauhofer fans should be thankful that they had as many years at Roxy. Most residencies in this day do not last even a year, and their security in Peter playing every week is what makes the whole situation difficult to understand. Instead of bashing Junior and his crowd, take from our experiences of being uprooted and transplanted time and time again. Enjoy the experience of the unknown for it almost always results in something much more magical. Most of us following Junior felt much the same way when things fell apart at one venue or another. Speaking for myself and friends that I have discussed this with, appreciate the value of what was produced through a previous venue: friends, memories, tragedies all tied to a time and place. The future is an opportunity to rebirth and rebuild and even renew. Furthermore, it makes the time you all spent at Roxy now even more cherished since you all have graduated your education there and are moving towards a new experience. Maybe if you look at the possibilities of change instead of blasting others who have been there before you, you would realize the positive nature of such changes. Or maybe you haven't realized the nature of "House" yet. Michael