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  1. dont listen to these clowns computerjockey sounds to me they are all just a bunch of losers who never go out and are jealous of you. shoot me a PM some time. i would love to go out with you one night and meet some of the characters you hang out with. seems you know how to party
  2. eddies wisdom of day:

    So I went out with Bella from June 2005 to I guess January 2006. We would be together almost every weekend being we lived in different states…I say I guess about when it ended because I had to find out myself that we were no longer dating… No phone call, no note, nothing… The last time I spent at her place was mid-January, but I have heard little since… I called her and sent her emails, only to be ignored or told she was not feeling well…Nothing…I was very careful of not being over bearing and only wrote or called once or twice a week…It was finally in late February I asked through pm if are going out anymore… She said that she was so stressed and that no, if I needed an answer, the answer was no… Then the next day she said she was sorry… not knowing what she was sorry about, I again asked for a phone call… I still have not heard from her by phone, she has not shown the respect to tell me in person, or by phone as to why she left me hanging for a month and a half… I have asked countless times for some sort of closure and to at least call me…Nothing….Serious relationship or not, it’s not what you do to a guy you’ve been fucking for six months. So why do I write this? To send a message to girls not to do this to a guy…It is so hurtful. You could never imagine how hurtful it is until it’s done to you… I’ve never been treated as such. I’ve had girls cheat on me, yet they were woman enough to admit it and tell me… I never got any sort of respectful break-up...I get pm’s and emails from a girl I’ve been fucking for six months. And that’s if she writes me…As weird as it may be to make a public post about this… I really cared for the girl… and thought she felt the same through her words and actions …and to the guys, just be careful of things like this.
  3. What do you think about the decision

    I think it is safe to assume that you are the bitch in that relationship
  4. 40 yr old virgin...

    you know that i love you and all but you can be a complete airhead sometimes sometimes i wonder what i see in you
  5. How do you dance?

    I like to do helicopters in front of the mirror until I have it down peace..
  6. vegas memorial day weekend roll call...

    You are all set baby, everything is taken care of already. I requested a suite with a jacuzzi in the bathroom over looking all of AC. The mini-bar will be stacked and it's all on the house. If you decide to go to any clubs just mention Eddie at the door. They will hook you up with free bottle service all night.
  7. Happy Birthday Jessnrgy:

  8. Top 5 Beers

    my fav beer is hoegardden (sp?)! - but i dunno where u'd get it. stella yuengling coors corona
  9. This is a long shot but....

    It wasn't me. I did not go there that night.
  10. What's goin on in NYC the 1st week of May?

    mine too!!!!!!!! we should celebrate together
  11. Adios Terri Schiavo!

    missed me?
  12. Info on Crobar

    me too! we can finally meet do you have any pics?