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  1. does anyone else......

    i admire all you guys chairing for your troops that protect this great place, but i feel bad for soldiers that fight there that have been brain washed by this government. Protecting US from what Al Quida wich is terrerist cell, and got little to do with us fighting the whole country of Iraq,, and by the Way where are those weapons of mass disstruction,,,and all terorist leaders that Bush promissed to catch,,,,sad,, i could understand Korean War, Vietnam war their were justified, stop spread of communism, but this i dont see how to protect this country from what anything but create more hateret towards us ... fake threats,,same news bullcrap that they fead us,,,, please... this coutry is great but, propaganda that they selling to these 18 years old is not much better then crap they were selling to 18 years old kids in Soviet Union, and i don't think that navy guys and soldiers, that doing their duty, maybe not because they fully understand, but they still put their life on the line for us, no matter if its justified or just somebody big politic game.,, we have no right to judge them which is easiest to do, i have a lot of respect for them i just wish that there actions were really targeting something threating this country
  2. Im a Star Wars Nerd

    "fuk star trek and star wars thats some fagget nerd sh1t and on the real faggets who get into that always seem to be nerds and all they ever fuk are geeky female kunts so all i gotta say is fuk all u nerds" Be carefull shook some of those nerds, probably are going to be your boss at work that is ofcause if you ever get one,,,dout that but still

    thanks, ive been in crobar many times and sometimes its good and sometimes they pack to tight,, i was there for new years it was nice. thank you again.

    thank you for your welcome,,, but can i get some more then "wow" if ofcause you are capable of that, thank you again
  5. Hi everyone i have a couple of my friends and was thinking about taking them to Crobar this friday to see Sasha, i never attented her events, how would you advise me on this? Thank you
  6. I am just wondering, anybody still interested in seing him live,,,or he is old news....your opinion and participation is appriciated