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  1. Ultra Reviews!!!!!!!

    i dont know but dt is good. but either way you cant compare some of the dj's that played to the one's in miami this year. only the best of the best was in the main stage. like paul van dyke and tiesto you cant compare one show to the other
  2. Ultra Reviews!!!!!!!

    you are so right. i love small and big events!! i am from miami and i went to ny just for ultra. was not at all what i expected. never like ultra miami. wich i wasent expecting either cuz there is nothing like that. but what a mission to get something to drink!!!and to see my favorite dj MORILLO it was just to hot in there u just coudent breath. i have to say ultra does it perfect in miami in regards to being organized but there wasent anything organized about this!! thou i have to give it to chemical brothers that was great and morillo even thou i didnt get to enjoy it to much it was still great!! not what i expected but worth the trip.
  3. Ultra Reviews!!!!!!!

    your an asshole. why would u do that are u fucking 12!! grow up hunny. to much drugs for you
  4. Ultra Reviews!!!!!!!

    your an asshole. why would u do that are u fucking 12!! grow up hunny. to much drugs for you
  5. Must see techno/trance Clubs in Miami

    hey well i hope you have lots of fun. i hate to say but you just missed the biggest trance partys there was in miami durring the music confrence (include ultra fest). every club was playing trance and everyclub was packed. it was incredible. but dont worry i have to say SPACE in downtown. its the best trance party in miami. thats if you dont know already (which am shure u do). saterdays is there night. goes all night till about 11am. if your looking to tan a lil before you go out that night go to nikki beach in south beach. thats great on saterday and sunday afternoon's. trance and beds everywhere. Also crobar is great you can probly go to crobar then after party at space. but crobar make shure what night is trance cuz i think they have a hip hop night just not shure when. AMIKA & SPIN ARE MY OTHER 2. well have fun am shure you love all this places. everyone who loves trance in Miami are always in this spots. !!!WE LOVE TRANCE OUT HERE!!!