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  1. Truth @ Taste

    Come to dj Megalomaniac B-Day as he takes over the decks and Blows the walls out of Tate.
  2. Music Forum: Top 5 tracks of the Year

    joe t vannelli - get it on ame - rej armand pena - control loco dice - seeing through shadows max graham - crank
  3. 12 hour set

  4. 12 hour set

    w-w-w-a-n-t-i-f-m-r-a-d-i-o.com live 12 hour set here is a link for part of this set. YouSendIt: The Leader in File Delivery.
  5. Live from TASTE (Video)

    shit is hot, i'll be there... again tomorrow, and cant wait for the end of the month when "MEGA" rips that place.
  6. Victor Killed surf Club!

    awsome set. lots of fun.
  7. Festivus this Saturday

    had a blast, i was hanging with my man. dj. Megalomaniac and cevin fisher and danny tenaglia come up to us and were there just having a great time. cool event hope u guys do it again soon. like always serge devant had that hill jumping at the end.
  8. Comments on Serge Devant..?

    everytime i've heard him he's played lots of electro. but he can get progressive too.
  9. Festivus this Saturday

    i'll be there w/10 other headz..
  10. jeff does what carl cox was known for doing in the good old days.
  11. i'll def. be there to support my man johnny, and if i'm not wrong i'm sure that ojeda and vicious will do the battle dj thing they do, like they did few years ago in CPI, sickkkk nighhh crazzy vibe that night.. they were going nuts with all the scot project tracks...
  12. What do other djs think of JP?

    as far as i know all the new york dj/producers like jp they just think he's a bit crazzy but evryone likes him. now international popularity is lacking, but after GTI and all this time people are becoming more aware of who he was, the fact that he was part of sound factory also helps, cause for few years when people where coming to visit NYC the party to be at was at SF the most talked about, before that was tunnel and twilo, also lime light. so that helps. now international names from NYC that people know today are Morillo, morales, vasquez, vicious, calderone, tenaglia and others. on the rise are (santana & bailey).. in conclusion if u ask some one from europe if they know JP, bailey, or santana, jp will probably be the last one.
  13. johnny bestof luck 2 u and i'll b there next week. got a gig out in dallas texas this weekend can't make but u know i'm there hanging w/ the crew always.. mike p. chief, dennis, bailey and the rest of the gang. see ya next week i'll give u a call during the week. dj. megalomeniac..
  14. new mix

    click here.. MIx 1 download click http://mixupload.com/index.php?act=...pe=post&id=1489 Mix 2 download click http://mixupload.com/index.php?act=...pe=post&id=1356 MIX 1 listen click here http://mixupload.com/skin_cache/cac...php?file=dj.m3u Last edited by DJ MEGALOMENIAC on 09-28-2005 at 01:56 PM