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  1. coming to Boston - got some ques

    Go to Rise on 12/02/05...
  2. Montreal NYE Oakenfold/Lawler

    Where was it last year?..Anyone know where it will be this year? I am usually in Vegas for New Years but was thinking of doing something different?
  3. Elevate Saturdays @ The Roxy

    I am going to be in Boston 12/01/05-12/05/05..I was hoping to check out the ROXY:) What night should I go? Who's the DJ? HOw does the guestlist work?
  4. BOSTON::Roger Sanchez @ RISE 10.28 w/Joe Mama

    IM planning to go to Boston...where should I go? Any suggestions?
  5. What is the history of Ultra and WMC?

    Last Year I went down to Miami just for the Ultra Musci Festival and now I now to look out for other Big names at the clubs..etc...etc...Its awesome that you can go on vacation for a week and see or uhm hear all the best talent from all over the world.
  6. All the official dates!

    Have you heard of any parties or good Djs playing at any of the local clubs. There a handful of Djs I would love to see while Im there:)
  7. I have a friend that is a DJ and is currently looking to play out at different venues...are you still interested in new talent?..contact me to arrange any plans
  8. 411 on nightclubs in madrid

    YOu know when I was in Ibiza..I think we were in San Antonio side of Island....make sure U are on other side..There r buses going down main road to all clubs...believe me here u wont have any trouble finding clubs..make sure u go to beaches Too! I cant really remember going to any big clubs in Madrid..I mainly went to bars, but I do remember getting flyers for clubs in the hotels. See if you can find Madrid Rock..its a music store but they have flyers there:)
  9. Who is your favorite DJ's in NJ???

    Hi..I'm from Denver..and Im going to NY July 18 for 2 weeks. I know ur from NJ, but do you know of any good techno..rave parties. I have been online but not sure if anything else is going..If you have any info that would be great..thanks