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  1. i'm known for usually hating on pacha but i gotta admit, props to made event for one of the sickest laser shows this past friday... good lawd!
  2. Ferry Corsten Party @ Pacha

    I'll be there! Ferry is gunna rip itttt, and Jason too, he's always good...
  3. Jr Vasquez had a stroke??

    haha to be honest, i'm not a junior fan at all, i'm not even upset about it, it's just retarded why anyone would make a random post about this out of no where, not even on april fool's or anything... haha whatever
  4. Jr Vasquez had a stroke??

    Why would we not buy that? To question something like that makes someone a cynical asshat.... This is almost as funny as the time someone started that rumor about Tiesto getting in a near-fatal car crash... There's no way to know 100% true or not, so how is it funny?
  5. I got banned for giving him a bad review on his birthday party last year! haha
  6. Ahhh this just made my night, you rock!
  7. I like the title over your avatar, Van Wilder is one of the best college movies ever made haha... Anyway, Danny P, you're right, I shouldn't have made comments about something I don't know 100% of details about, so touche'/apologies on that... As far as SethB, I'm done in this thread. Reminds me of the time someone made a bad review about a Gabriel & Dresden gig on another board. And Dave Dresden himself came onto the board and personally attacked the poster! Everyone thought he was pretty pathetic for doing that, and it's not much different here. Opinions are opinions, and a Pacha troll trying to attack me personally doesn't make my opinion go anymore in a positive direction. Thumbs up to the good bookings going on over there, I'm not gunna hate on that
  8. Trust me, I'm not losing sleep over it. NY isn't a trance/tech city, as you can see by any New York trance DJ that has left and made it big elsewhere. I'm playing at the Gallery/Turnmills in London and Streetparade in Italy among 4 other dates so far this summer, so I can't, for the life of me, understand why you think that's such a pivotal factor in my career, not to mention I do have some NY dates here and there. Not tooting my own horn, just letting you know I'm not just some kid that makes "edits" and puts them on his bogus Myspace music page... Off of 46th street, I do have some sort of cred, believe it or not.
  9. Thanks, I didn't mean to bring that into the mix, but now that you did.... Seth, my latest released tune "Light At The End" was actually played by Armin Van Buuren at Pacha NYC two weeks ago... That doesn't make me special in anyway, I just find it funny and ironic, to the topic at hand...
  10. I'm glad you know my life-story, Seth. "Associated with the Pacha brand now"? I got asked two separate times after that to play in the basement and said I'd rather not. Not bragging or anything, just showing you how heartbroken I am for not being able to play there, according to you. On another note, I've never spun at Sullivan Room, and my internet radio show has been around for longer than Pacha NYC, so it must not be that bad lol. Thanks for your insight, Freud, although I'm seeing more quality DJs, events, and venues now than back when I used to go to Pacha or Crobar every week.
  11. LOL exactly!... I'm not telling everyone they should die because they're celebrating Pacha's award! Just stating my views on a venue I really don't like... it seems everyone on every board is involved with Pacha, so I should have been dumb to expect an ounce of objectivity here...
  12. Scot Project @ Webster Hall, Fri 3/30

    I heard firsthand from his agent unfortunately some very bad news. Last night, Scot suffered a heart attack. It's been a horrible week for him, his dad passed away last week. I'm a huge Scot Project fan and think he is one of the classiest and most in-touch with his fans DJs in the world, a true DJ for the people. I am putting together a montage of anyone who is interested in wishing him a speedy recovery. If you have a mic nearby, please do so, and email it to [email protected] so we can add it in there as soon as possible. He gives so much to his fans, we might as well give him a little support in times like these. As far as the gig goes, it will be pushed to a further date, just not 100% sure when, of course.
  13. chris liebing <--- brought by Robots guys sven vath <--- brought by Robots dennis rodgers <--- brought by Robots (armin, markus, carl cox, dt, g&d, burridge & holden, a& <--- brought by Made Event i think there's an underemphasis in the actual promoters involved with some of the more memorable nights at the club... where's their award? where's their "thanks" for bringing great lineups to New York... Pacha is just a space, a space that i don't like at all
  14. awards mean nothing.... i have never had fun at pacha... Love, Sullivan Room, Shelter, Studio B, anywhere bringing in good DJs, without relying on the ignorant regulars/walk-ins to pay its bills, those are the best clubs
  15. Who is the next JP/Boris?

    he's great... he's really a DJ that music-lovers can enjoy everytime, you never know what to expect... he really is a great progressive DJ, and his set before G&D last time @ PACHA far outweighed theirs imho