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  1. Labor Day Sunday @ Roxy JP CLasSics Whos going?

    Yeah I will be attending this event.... I will be in town because I have to work the weekend and I Luv JP....hehehe Str8 from the Roxy to Neptunes Wit the Girls
  2. WOW thoses are some nice pics...Phat vaction!!!

    Hi Capone whats up? I am going to be comming by with about 12 of my girls for a VIP party. Whas up?? You goonna hook us up or what
  4. Been to Ruby Falls a few times. Always a blast. Very trendy spot. I wish i could make it but i have work early friday morning. Come to GLO Saturday!!
  5. Glo Saturday

    Im going to GLO Saturday. My 2 new friends i met in the Hamptons throw the party. I just hope they remember me
  6. AVALON this week???

    I heard Avalon changed. My girl went friday and said she had a blast.
  7. Select 2 Night???

    Hey I am going to Select tonight. Is anybody going?
  8. Colleen Shannon @ Glo, Sat 8/13

    Ill be there!!! I want a comp

    hey whats up?
  10. Jonathan Peters Classics @ Roxy, Sun 9/4

    hey G your goin. I'm going I <3 u......... JP hehehe
  11. hey guys does anyone know about this party??
  12. hey Gina it was so nice meeting you. I hope you had a good B-Day. Thanks for the Invite back to your slammin house party. Over all I had a great time met alot of nice people. CPI's Sunday with morrillo was really good. Partied till 8am and then went back to this slammin house party.
  13. CPI's/Hampton Roll Call??

    wow Gina you are so gased for this weekend huh!!!!! I may just come for sunday and monday