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  1. Club Reviews Thread

    Where is the circus, I know it's in LA but what is the location. Any place where you can dance and eat is for me!!!
  2. Club Reviews Thread

    What are the cross streets for this club, I'm bad when it comes to LA
  3. Best Cologne?!?

    Polo and Dolce and Gabanna, makes you want to rip off a man's close!!!Mmmm
  4. Murda Ma$e is Back

    it's coo, thanks!!
  5. SouLive

    Has anyone heard of the group SouLive? I first heard of them at an Erykah Badu concert, I'm a huge fan of neo-soul. Then I heard their album Breakout while interning at Universal. I really like it, check them out at www.soulive.com you can listen to some of their singles at this site. Please reply back and tell me how you liked it or not.