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    i only drop bombskis
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    in my momz basement
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    keepin it smushy, pushing the JET fx button on my cd-j
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    pro disc jockey
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    humping the krumple
  1. DANNY HOWELLS w/ Eli Wilkie @ AVALON 4/14!

    wazzzzup girl! are you going to howlz?
  2. Slouch Mix

    yo yo vyto. great use of looping and cheesey cd-j whawha effects.... and smushy it is kept.
  3. Next Friday, Slouch House @360

    puhleeeeeze! our hungoverness is a testament to how good idol really is.
  4. Next Friday, Slouch House @360

    deep dish used to drop bombskis. now all they do is keep it smushy. i dont know where they went wrong. <hungover> flava your couch is good for sitting, but its teh SUCK for sleeping. i am such a pile right now
  5. WMC - Plastic Sex Afterhours 2006 3rd Anniversary

    get me off these crazy things called BOOBS
  6. The "Howie just swallowed his forehead" friday thread

    Cookie and Alicat, donny bombski accepts no excuses for missing farina and just so you know what missing this event really means... here is a picture of me getting ready to pound someone. keep it smushy ~Donny Bombski