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  1. South Beach Feb. 23-26

    So i'll be in south beach from the 23rd to the 26th.. anyone know any good spots to go to? I'm looking for something sort of loungey but good music... maybe some calderone or chus & ceballos No clue what's going on during that time down there.. if someone could fill me in, i'd appreciate it - thanks
  2. 18 & Over>

    Not really this weekend but Abyss tomorrow is 18+ for girls
  3. DJ AM at Deko Review?

    Guess everybody got off topic but ummmm....... is it just me or does AM play the same stuff everytime he's in Jerzey? Regardless, I had a good time @ Deko =)
  4. 2 DAYS AWAY! STEVE LAWLER @ ABYSS....meet up?

    Never heard Lawler spin.. His productions are pretty hot though =D Should be an interesting night.. happy bday bryan!
  5. any DEKO reviews?

    UGHHH so mad i missed DT!! I've been wanting to go see him again ever since Score in Miami =(
  6. Tomorrow 12pm the partying starts =D Can't wait for Boris Friday & Santana Saturday @ XS
  7. Grail...

    I found a store =D Nirvana.. there's one in Red Bank, Westfield, Long Branch.... they have A LOT of Grail shirts, but now im into Ed Hardy a little more.. Grail became sort of played out
  8. Tattoo shop recomendations

    lol yeah stupid comment i guess? when i got it, i only saw one person with something similar... oh well
  9. Bartenders?

    alright, thanks guys
  10. Bartenders?

    Does anyone know any spots around Jersey that need bartenders right now? I just quit my job today @ a restaurant down in Marlboro - the owner is such a scumbag and ive decided i'm not putting up with his bullshit anymore LoL.. so yeah. message me if you know any details and ill send u over my resume - thanks =D
  11. Tattoo shop recomendations

    Well... this is the one I just got.. had to be original with it! It's my 1st one =D Jersey's hit or miss though... But a lotttt of places in Brooklyn and the city seem to do amazing work~
  12. Stereo...

    Anyone go to that new spot Stereo? I got invited out next weekend.. no idea how it is over there though
  13. *Sessions Is Moving!

    If Calderone is anything like he was @ Crobar, it's gonna be a crazy night =) PS - Binoy.. thanks for leaving my skirt @ the Shelborne!
  14. Can U go out for one drink???

    Haha after one drink, you're still out.. everyone else is still drinking. So one leads to 2 leads to 3. I had to resist going to Deko tonight b/c i have work tomorrow and it really is IMPOSSIBLE to have just one drink~
  15. Richie Santana's Last Saturday At Deko

    Haha so who's the genius from r3 that thought of this? see u saturday..