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  1. AVH vs. Boris

    Definitely go to Boris. I checked out AVH last time he was at Pacha and he sucked. He only spun for about 2 hours. Haven't heard Boris lately but have read some decent reviews on him. And, I just like Pacha's space so much more than Studio/Crobar.
  2. Pacha's March Line Up

    I see DT's birthday bash is booked at Crobar - Studio Mezmor, whatever!!! Wish it would change venues - I loved DT @ Pacha with Carl Cox. I figured Erick would be there but he is doing his Centro Fly Classics party this month which I'm guessing will be pretty sick, too bad I can't make it. And if history serves, his next performance at Pacha won't be as good, but you never know.
  3. Pacha's March Line Up

    Anyone know Pacha's line up for March. I know they have AVB on the 16th but that isn't my style - besides AVB on a friday at Pacha and 18+ to get in - the crowd will be awful!! Teens and cracked out old asian people packed in like sardines, not exactly my favorite scene. I'm sure JP will be doing one Saturday and Vasquez is doing his Sunday thing again but who else will be there? I did hear Digweed is going to be playing there but I'm not the biggest fan of him either. Would love it if DT did a night before him and everyone else heads down to WMC. Any help would be cool? Thanks.
  4. This weekend: JP or Morillo

    With JP you get ok music - I know, some people on here hate him but I used to hit up Soundfactory back in the day, so it kind of brings me back. He doesn't compare now to back then but oh well. Things change. You also get a big drug crowd which is fine if you are ok with it. Doesn't bother me. Morillo has been hit or miss lately - one time I saw him he was sick the other not so good. It's been a little while since he played Pacha and he's playing with other "headliners" so hopefully he brings it. But with him you also get Guetta who I can't comment on since I've never seen him live but I do like some of his stuff on XM. You also get Exacta who, right now, is one of my favorites. He's brought it every time I've seen him and hands down is just sick. Glad to see he's finally getting some recognition. All that said - both nights will be good - I'd probably go Saturday instead of Friday. Besides, I like the crowds on Saturdays better than Friday. Just my opinion. One thing to note - if JP's Halloween party is anything like it was back in the day then that should be crazy. Have fun - wish I could go but I'll be in Boston.
  5. crobar NY's Pre-Thanksgiving Line-up!

    Go to Howells at Pacha instead!!
  6. carl cox and dt at pacha...eh

    I got there at 11:00 - i know - real early and stayed til god knows when. noon or so. My boy is moving to Vermont today and this was his going away party. Couldn't think of a better way to send him off. Cox was sick and DT was even better. Sure it was crowded but that's to be expected. Loved that they had the whole place pumpin the same music. I never go up to Pachita because I hate hip hop but made my way up there and was pleasantly surprised to hear Cox and DT. It was also nice up there because you could actually find room to dance. Gotta say - I just love Pacha - the system, the layout, all great!! One of the best nights I've had out. Can't wait for DT in November. Gabe - nice meeting you downstairs!!!
  7. Reccomendations for 9/30

    Definitely DT and Carl Cox at Pacha. Should be insane. tix are $40 but well worth it.
  8. Saw Van Helden a little while back at Pacha. He sucked!!! Spun for about 2 hours.
  9. Trance Party 9/22? Help!

    That's fine - I just thought maybe it would be better if he played a different more intimate venue in NYC. Oh well, no matter to me. I'm not going.
  10. Trance Party 9/22? Help!

    I saw you say that Tiesto was at Abyss and I laughed thinking it was a joke. Now I see its true. Why wouldn't he just play a NYC venue?
  11. boris

    Got shut down just as Boris was getting good. Sucks!!! This was my first time at Crobar in a while and I can say, I'm never going again. Shut down at 4:45 and I realized I don't even like the space that much. I'll stick with Pacha, especially with the line up they've got going lately. DT vs. Carl Cox on the 30th - sick!! Should have gone for Exacta, instead of wasting my time with Crobar. Oh well.
  12. Junior this Saturday

    Is that 70 gay, 30 straight or the other way around?
  13. Junior this Saturday

    Not worried. Would you say 50 / 50 or more than that?
  14. Junior this Saturday

    Not that it matters but will the Junior event be a mostly gay crowd? I've never seen him live and was just wondering.
  15. Junior this Saturday

    Anyone here going? And does anyone know who's opening yet since I hear that Offer Nissim is now at Roxy?