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  1. woo hoo! i'm so stoked to be playing focus tomorrow night!!
  2. 7.3 - kick off your holiday weekend with a bang!

    were ya there?
  3. 7.3 - kick off your holiday weekend with a bang!

    nice!! hope you can make it!
  4. me & eddie b from HAWT will be throwing down house classics all night! and it's my birthday too!!
  5. Doc Martin & Victor Simonelli

    sublevel is an underground event. they release the location info the night of the party.
  6. HAWT happenings this week

    tonight friday
  7. go to this!! jose (nonfiction) is producing some great house tracks!! i'm really stoked for him. atnarko is dope too. i think this is his first time playing out here.
  8. HAWT Djs @ Focus Tuesday 5-20-08!

    focus is in newport beach. have you been? i'll probably make it down for this one. i haven't been to focus in a while. as for hawt, those are my people! i'm actually spinning at the hawt event on july 4th. if you want info on hawt parties, go to the hawt myspace page and friend request them - http://www.myspace.com/thehawtmusic
  9. attn: deepfunk!!!

    i can't seem to get in my original deepfunk account. i'm using this one until i figure out how to get in there. i'm mostly on a myspace and a couple of other boards these days - movin-ent.com and a some others
  10. this will be a great party!
  11. WMC review (finally!!!)

    well done!! i'm glad you went!!
  12. don't djs know it's a universal no-no???

    some dj's aren't musical enough to hear and/or understand key. some don't care. it annoys me too weyes, and i try my best to avoid this as well as competing basslines when i dj.
  13. two guys from the uk need advice!!

    well the roosevelt hotel in hollywood might be the spot for you guys. it's pretty central to everything, and they've got a great pool, chill bar, etc. hope you have a great time here! what style(s) of music do you like?