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looking for bookings overseas...

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To all who are interested, my bio and mixes are online and the link below...

I have been a professional DJ for nearly 13 years and have worked with John Creamer & Stephane K. amongst other producers. If there are any promoters who like what they hear and read, get in touch with me via the website.

Thanks so much,



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I used to live and dance at different clubs in Asia. The first place you HAVE to go to is the legendary Zouk club in Singapore. It's brilliant..hmm I know they have a website..they just started making it when I moved out. Everyone plays at Zouk and it's one of the best clubs in asia. I'm sure if you e-mail the managers and send 'em one of you're sets, you're golden. There is also club Venom and Phuture and Velvet Underground which are awesome electronica oriented clubs. If you played w/John Creamer and Stephane K, you're probably progressive/house oriented and they LOVE that in Singapore.

You gotta hit Tokyo as well. There are always raves at Yoyoggi park. Go to www.tokyocitysearch.com for more clubs...I never danced in Tokyo but Sven Vath and Charles Feelgood and all of 'em are ALWAYS playing at various venues

Thailand is great too. They're starting to do the whole beach rave thing in phuket. At pattaya there's a club called Palladium that's great for house/trance too...contact them and i'm sure they'll book you.

Hope this helps


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