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Emu Sound Module question (production)

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Originally posted by ADV

I thought it resets itself everytime you shut it off. It gives you user banks to save your settings in.

if it resets itself everytime I turn it off, thats a fucking pain in the ass, becuase what if im triggering various sounds from differetn channels on the module, that means everytime i turn it on, i gotta adjust the sound i want to each specific channel, then do the pan, then the arp, then the volume? thats nonsense, i never saw any emu module do that before.

i have the Orbit2, Orbit3, Audity2000 and this one and I never had a problem like this! =(

Hey im also about to pick up the Novation Supernova, Access Virus B, and the new XL7 drum module Emu came out with.. moohahaha. cant wait :)

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The Xtreme lead was the first one they did that with. When you are working on a track you have to save all your setting to a user bank. When you turn it back on just bring up that bank and all your sounds and settings are there. I wonder if they went back to the old way with the Orbit3.

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